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Astronomy Apr 19, 2024

Scientists discover new way to extract cosmological information from galaxy surveys

Scientists at the National Astronomical Observatories of the Chinese Academy of Sciences (NAOC) and their international collaborators have recently developed a new method for efficiently extracting information from galaxy ...

Earth Sciences Apr 19, 2024

Weather prediction models can also forecast satellite displacements

New research finds that modern weather models can accurately predict satellite movements due to the energy emitted and reflected by the Earth. In addition to weather prediction, weather models can also help understand and ...

Earth Sciences Apr 18, 2024

Reevaluation of Colorado's iconic summits is part of a national remapping project

Derek van Westrum, a physicist with NOAA's National Ocean Service (NOS), didn't want to be responsible for taking one of Colorado's beloved "Fourteeners" off the books.

Astronomy Apr 17, 2024

Astronauts to patch up NASA's NICER telescope

NASA is planning to repair NICER (Neutron star Interior Composition Explorer), an X-ray telescope on the International Space Station, during a spacewalk later this year. It will be the fourth science observatory in orbit ...

Earth Sciences Apr 17, 2024

New geological map reveals secrets of Greenland's icy interior

A team of international scientists involving the Durham University Geography department has unveiled a new map of the geological provinces hidden beneath the Greenland Ice Sheet.

Space Exploration Apr 17, 2024

NASA Goddard to build quake detector for Artemis III moon landing

NASA's Goddard Space Flight Center in Greenbelt, Maryland, will build a moonquake detector for astronauts to deploy on the moon in 2026 during the Artemis III mission, which will return astronauts to the lunar surface for ...

Space Exploration Apr 17, 2024

Next up is launch, as Boeing's Starliner takes trek to Cape Canaveral

Boeing's CST-100 Starliner, set to take its first humans on board during the Crew Flight Test mission next month, was transported from Boeing's Commercial Crew and Cargo Processing Facility at Kennedy Space Center in Florida ...

Astronomy Apr 17, 2024

Researchers propose new formation model for massive hot subdwarfs

In a new study published in the The Astrophysical Journal, Dr. Li Zhenwei and his collaborators from Yunnan Observatories of the Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS), and Dr. Zhang Yangyang from the Zhoukou Normal University, ...

Astronomy Apr 17, 2024

Astronomers discover the most metal-poor extreme helium star

Using the Southern African Large Telescope (SALT), astronomers have performed high-resolution observations of a recently detected extreme helium star designated EC 19529–4430. It turned out that EC 19529–4430 is the most ...

Astronomy Apr 16, 2024

Most massive stellar black hole in our galaxy found

Astronomers have identified the most massive stellar black hole yet discovered in the Milky Way galaxy. This black hole was spotted in data from the European Space Agency's Gaia mission because it imposes an odd 'wobbling' ...

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