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Evolution Nov 25, 2021

Loss of ancient grazers triggered a global rise in fires

From 50,000 years to 6,000 years ago, many of the world's largest animals, including such iconic grassland grazers as the woolly mammoth, giant bison, and ancient horses, went extinct. The loss of these grazing species triggered ...

Evolution Nov 22, 2021

Studying the causes of biodiversity loss is a logistical Herculean task

The question of the causes of species extinction confronts science with complex tasks. Dr. Sarah Redlich from the Biocentre discusses the challenge of creating a study design.

Ecology Nov 18, 2021

Climate change: How elephants help pump planet-warming carbon underground

Imagine you're in a hot air balloon flying over an African savanna in the late growing season. Below, herds of elephants, zebras, wildebeests and rhinos roam a mosaic landscape dotted with lonesome trees and daubs of woodland ...

Environment Nov 12, 2021

Six areas where action must focus to rescue this planet

For some time, the Earth's natural resources have been depleted faster than they can be replaced. The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change has set a 2030 deadline to reduce heat-trapping emissions by half to avoid climate ...

Environment Nov 12, 2021

How close are we to climate tipping points?

As world leaders gather at the United Nations Climate Change Conference (COP26) in Glasgow, Scotland, to take bolder action against climate change, human activity has already warmed the planet 1.1°C above pre-industrial ...

Ecology Nov 11, 2021

Bioenergy crops better for biodiversity than food-based agriculture

A study led by the University of Southampton suggests a greater diversity of plants and animals can be found where bioenergy crops are grown, compared with areas supporting traditional agricultural crops.

Environment Nov 09, 2021

How unlocking nature's power can help the UK step up its fight against climate change

World leaders have been gathering at COP26, the UN climate summit in Glasgow, against a backdrop of flooded homes, closed roads and canceled trains across the UK caused by extreme weather. These conditions are a stark reminder ...

Plants & Animals Nov 08, 2021

Renaturing insects in urban backyards

Insects in our environment are unsung heroes. These 'mini-beasts' are often inconspicuous, but they may have a huge impact on the health of ecosystems that sustain humanity.

Ecology Nov 05, 2021

Regenerative farming likely to increase native biodiversity on New Zealand farms

Regenerative farming practices could increase native biodiversity on New Zealand farms, finds a report released today.

Environment Oct 27, 2021

Curbing climate chaos: Why nature is the unsung hero in our quest for net zero

The forests, grasslands and coastal and marine ecosystems that Fauna & Flora International (FFI) and partners are working to safeguard are not just biodiversity havens. They also play a vital role in the global carbon cycle ...

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