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Plants & Animals Mar 31, 2020

Bison in northern Yellowstone proving to be too much of a good thing

Increasing numbers of bison in Yellowstone National Park in recent years have become a barrier to ecosystem recovery in the iconic Lamar Valley in the northern part of the park, according to a study by Oregon State University ...

Environment Apr 03, 2020

Changes to drylands with future climate change

A research team led by Washington State University has found that while drylands around the world will expand at an accelerated rate because of future climate change, their average productivity will likely be reduced.

Earth Sciences Mar 30, 2020

Science looks to wildfires to find missing source of carbonyl sulfide, link to plants' carbon uptake

Carbonyl sulfide is a naturally occurring gas that can help scientists understand how much carbon dioxide plants take out of the atmosphere for photosynthesis.

Environment Mar 31, 2020

Researcher offers recommendations on using remote sensing to quantify forest health

While using large swaths of coarse satellite data can be an effective tool for evaluating forests on a national scale, the resolution of that data is not always well suited to indicate whether or not those forests are growing ...

Environment Apr 02, 2020

Researchers forecast longer, more extreme wildfire seasons

In California, a changing climate has made autumn feel more like summer, with hotter, drier weather that increases the risk of longer, more dangerous wildfire seasons, according to a new Stanford-led study.

Ecology Mar 10, 2020

Planet's largest ecosystems collapse faster than previously forecast

New research has shown that large ecosystems such as rainforests and coral reefs can collapse at a significantly faster rate than previously understood. The findings suggest that ecosystems the size of the Amazon forests ...

Ecology Mar 23, 2020

Peak district grasslands hold key to global plant diversity

Scientists at the University of Sheffield have found that plants are able to co-exist because they share key nutrients, using grasslands from the Peak District.

Environment Mar 17, 2020

Natural solutions to the climate crisis? One-quarter is all down to Earth

Joint research conducted by the Nature Conservancy and the Kunming Institute of Botany, Chinese Academy of Sciences, calculated the carbon-storing power of global soils and showcased approaches like agroforestry designed ...

Plants & Animals Mar 10, 2020

Malnourished bugs: Higher carbon levels make plants less nutritious, hurting insect populations

Grasshopper populations, like those of many other insects, are declining. My colleagues and I identified a new possible culprit: The plants grasshoppers rely on for food are becoming less nutritious due to increased levels ...

Environment Mar 20, 2020

Ammonia has been missing in portraying air pollution impacts

Nitrogen is essential for all living things. Synthetic fertilizer, which contains rich reactive nitrogen, has sustained food production, but the nitrogen it emits is also a burden to the environment, such as air pollution, ...

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