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Environment 21 hours ago

Seabird response to abrupt climate change 5,000 years ago transformed Falklands ecosystems: study

The Falkland Islands are a South Atlantic refuge for some of the world's most important seabird species, including five species of penguins, Great Shearwaters, and White-chinned Petrels. In recent years, their breeding grounds ...

Archaeology & Fossils Oct 21, 2020

Turbulent era sparked leap in human behavior, adaptability 320,000 years ago

For hundreds of thousands of years, early humans in the East African Rift Valley could expect certain things of their environment. Freshwater lakes in the region ensured a reliable source of water, and large grazing herbivores ...

Ecology Oct 14, 2020

Big payoff if Nature 'restored' in the right places

Restoring 30 percent of ecosystems long-since converted to agriculture and other human needs could avoid 70 percent of predicted species extinctions and absorb half the CO2 humanity has released into the atmosphere since ...

Environment Oct 14, 2020

Restoring 30% of the world's ecosystems in priority areas could stave off extinctions and absorb CO2

Returning specific ecosystems that have been replaced by farming to their natural state in all continents worldwide would rescue the majority of land-based species of mammals, amphibians and birds under threat of extinction. ...

Environment Oct 13, 2020

Without the North American monsoon, reining in wildfires gets harder

The North American monsoon has dictated the length of wildfire season for centuries in the U.S.-Mexico border region, according to new University of Arizona research that can inform land management amid global climate change.

Plants & Animals Oct 09, 2020

Scientists suggest global guidelines for sustainable use of non-native trees to protect biodiversity

A team of international scientists have collaborated to propose a series of global guidelines for the sustainable use of non-native tree species to help protect biodiversity and ecosystems around the world already threatened ...

Archaeology & Fossils Oct 07, 2020

Past tropical forest changes drove megafauna and hominin extinctions

In a paper published today in the journal Nature, scientists from the Department of Archaeology at MPI-SHH in Germany and Griffith University's Australian Research Centre for Human Evolution have found that the loss of southeast ...

Environment Sep 30, 2020

Q&A: Landscape ecologist says California wildfires aren't a random situation

For the past several weeks, dozens of wildfires have scorched a destructive path across western forests and plains, threatening homes and habitat—as of this week, more than 5 million acres in California, Oregon and Washington ...

Environment Sep 28, 2020

Biodiversity and plant decomposition should be factored into climate models, study finds

The afterlife of plant matter plays a significant role in ecosystems, as a key processor and provider of key nutrients. The rate of decomposition for leaf litter, among other plant matter, heavily influences the health of ...

Environment Sep 23, 2020

Amazonia racing toward tipping point, fueled by unregulated fires

Amazonia is closer to a catastrophic ecological tipping point than any time in the last 100,000 years, and human activity is the cause.

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