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Nanomaterials 13 hours ago

Curbing the flammability of epoxy resin

In a paper to be published in a forthcoming issue of Nano, a team of researchers from Henan University have investigated the flame retardant performance of epoxy resin using a boron nitride nanosheet decorated with cobalt ...

Bio & Medicine Jun 07, 2019

Proof of sandwiched graphene-membrane superstructure opens up a membrane-specific drug delivery mode

Researchers from the Institute of Process Engineering (IPE) of the Chinese Academy of Sciences and Tsinghua University (THU) report a sandwiched superstructure for graphene oxide (GO) that transports through cell membranes. ...

Nanomaterials May 22, 2019

Octopus-inspired wearable sensor

Wearable electronics that adhere to skin are an emerging trend in health sensor technology for their ability to monitor a variety of human activities, from heart rate to step count. But finding the best way to stick a device ...

Materials Science Jun 11, 2019

Bioinspired Materials—Graphene-enabled nickel composites

Bioinspired engineering strategies rely on achieving the combined biological properties of strength and toughness inherent in nature. Tissue engineers and materials scientists therefore aim to construct intelligent, hierarchical ...

Analytical Chemistry Jun 06, 2019

Researchers find a way to produce free-standing films of perovskite oxides

A team of researchers from Nanjing University in China, the University of Nebraska and the University of California in the U.S. has found a way to produce free-standing films of perovskite oxide. In their paper published ...

Nanophysics May 24, 2019

Rare iron oxide could be combined with 2-D materials for electronic, spintronic devices

Rice University researchers have simplified the synthesis of a unique, nearly two-dimensional form of iron oxide with strong magnetic properties that is easy to stack atop other 2-D materials.

Materials Science May 28, 2019

Direct methane conversion under mild conditions by thermo-, electro- or photocatalysis reviewed

Direct conversion of Earth-abundant methane into value-added chemicals under mild conditions is an attractive technology in response to the increasing industrial demand for feedstocks and the worldwide appeal of energy conservation. ...

Nanophysics Jun 10, 2019

Researchers 'stretch' the ability of 2-D materials to change technology

Two-dimensional (2-D) materials—as thin as a single layer of atoms—have intrigued scientists with their flexibility, elasticity, and unique electronic properties, as first discovered in materials such as graphene in 2004. ...

Nanomaterials Apr 29, 2019

Purifying water with graphene

Scientists from the National University of Science and Technology and colleagues from Derzhavin Tambov State University and Saratov Chernyshevsky State University have figured out that graphene is capable of purifying water, ...

Nanomaterials Apr 29, 2019

Graphene sponge helps lithium sulphur batteries reach new potential

To meet the demands of an electric future, new battery technologies will be essential. One option is lithium sulphur batteries, which offer a theoretical energy density more than five times that of lithium ion batteries. ...

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