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Materials Science 17 hours ago

Two-dimensional MXene as a novel electrode material for next-generation display

Researchers in the US and Korea reported the first efficient flexible light-emitting diodes with a two-dimensional titanium carbide MXene as a flexible and transparent electrode. These MXene-based light-emitting diodes (MX-LED) ...

Nanophysics May 25, 2020

Nanoscale optical pulse limiter facilitated by refractory metallic quantum wells

In the past several decades, physicists have conducted deep laboratory investigations into nonlinear optics, plasma physics and quantum science using advanced high-intensity, ultrashort-pulse lasers. Increased use of the ...

Materials Science May 20, 2020

Molybdenum telluride nanosheets enable selective electrochemical production of hydrogen peroxide

H2O2 is an important commodity chemical and potential energy carrier, and is widely used for various environmental, medical and household applications. At present, about 99% of H2O2 is produced from an energy-intensive anthraquinone ...

Polymers May 22, 2020

When predictions of theoretical chemists become reality

Thomas Heine, professor of theoretical chemistry at TU Dresden, together with his team, first predicted a topological 2-D polymer in 2019. Only one year later, an international team led by Italian researchers was able to ...

Nanomaterials May 14, 2020

Graphene: Making a wonder material more wonderful

Graphene is a form of the chemical element carbon. Well-known forms of carbon include the world's hardest material, diamond, and the soft black material known as the "lead" in a pencil, which is graphite. Graphite can be ...

Nanomaterials May 18, 2020

Graphene-reinforced carbon fiber may lead to affordable, stronger car materials

A new way of creating carbon fibers—which are typically expensive to make—could one day lead to using these lightweight, high-strength materials to improve safety and reduce the cost of producing cars, according to a ...

Analytical Chemistry Apr 28, 2020

Porous carbon nanofibers demonstrate exceptional capacitive deionization

Capacitive deionization (CDI) is energetically favorable to deionize water, but existing methods are limited by their desalination capacities and time-consuming cycles due to insufficient ion-accessible surfaces and slow ...

Nanomaterials Apr 07, 2020

Physicists produce stable water-based graphene dispersions

Umeå researchers show how activated graphene, activated carbons and other hydrophobic carbons can be dispersed in water in a form of micrometer-sized particles. The key agent that helps to make these dispersions last for ...

Nanomaterials Apr 01, 2020

Graphene-based actuator swarm enables programmable deformation

Actuators that can convert various environmental stimuli to mechanical work have revealed great potential for developing smart devices such as soft robots, micro-electromechanical systems (MEMS), and automatic lab-on-a-chip ...

Nanomaterials Mar 04, 2020

Biomaterial discovery enables 3-D printing of tissue-like vascular structures

An international team of scientists have discovered a new material that can be 3-D printed to create tissue-like vascular structures.

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