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Environment 11 hours ago

New studies highlight challenge of meeting Paris Agreement climate goals

New research highlights the "incredible challenge" of reaching the Paris Agreement without intense action and details the extreme temperatures parts of the planet will suffer if countries fail to reduce emissions.

Environment Apr 08, 2019

Geoengineering experiments to protect the Great Barrier Reef highlight the need for Australian law to catch up, research

Geoengineering experiments to protect the Great Barrier Reef highlight the need for Australian law to catch up, researchers say

Environment Apr 11, 2019

George Monbiot Q + A – How rejuvenating nature could help fight climate change

Natural climate solutions let nature do the hard work in the fight against climate change by restoring habitats such as forests and wetlands. This could absorb carbon dioxide from the atmosphere and help biodiversity thrive. ...

Earth Sciences Apr 03, 2019

Study looks to iron from microbes for climate help

Distributing iron particles produced by bacteria could "fertilize" microscopic ocean plants and ultimately lower atmospheric carbon levels, according to a new paper in Frontiers.

Environment Mar 11, 2019

Finding the right 'dose' for solar geoengineering

One of the key misconceptions about solar geoengineering—putting aerosols into the atmosphere to reflect sunlight and reduce global warming—is that it could be used as a fix-all to reverse global warming trends and bring ...

Optics & Photonics Feb 07, 2019

Researchers pinpoint promising approach for analyzing atmospheric particles from space

A new analysis has revealed that advanced satellite-based instrument capabilities are needed for global monitoring of microscopic particles, or aerosols, in the stratospheric layer of the atmosphere. Aerosols in the stratosphere—located ...

Environment Mar 13, 2019

Protection for high seas is crucial to safeguarding vulnerable coastal communities—new research

Key areas of the Indian Ocean, Bay of Bengal and the Pacific should be designated protected areas in order to safeguard vulnerable coastal communities' livelihoods, new research published this week reveals.

Environment Nov 26, 2014

Geoengineering our climate is not a 'quick fix'

The deliberate, large-scale intervention in the Earth's climate system is not a "quick fix" for global warming, according to the findings of the UK's first publicly funded studies on geoengineering.

Earth Sciences Aug 08, 2018

Geoengineering: Blocking sunlight to cool Earth won't reduce crop damage from global warming

Injecting particles into the atmosphere to cool the planet and counter the warming effects of climate change would do nothing to offset the crop damage from rising global temperatures, according to a new analysis by University ...

Environment Oct 21, 2012

Solar geoengineering can be tailored to reduce inequality or to manage specific risks, study suggests

By tailoring geoengineering efforts by region and by need, a new model promises to maximize the effectiveness of solar radiation management while mitigating its potential side effects and risks. Developed by a team of leading ...

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