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Biotechnology 30 minutes ago

First comprehensive network of wild crop species will help breeders tackle food insecurity

The first comprehensive network of sites where crop wild relatives are found has been developed by researchers at the University of Birmingham.

Biotechnology 23 hours ago

Genetic discovery may improve corn quality, yields

Researchers may be able to improve corn yields and nutritional value after discovering genetic regulators that synthesize starch and protein in the widely eaten grain, according to a Rutgers-led study.

Cell & Microbiology 23 hours ago

Cell division requires a balanced level of non-coding RNA for chromosome stability

Our genetic code is stored in chromosomes that are composed of DNA (deoxyribonucleic acid). To make sure the genetic code is maintained accurately in all the cells, our cells must replicate precisely and distribute its chromosomes ...

Nanomaterials 19 hours ago

Big energy savings for tiny machines

Inside all of us are trillions of tiny molecular nanomachines that perform a variety of tasks necessary to keep us alive.

Veterinary medicine 23 hours ago

TGen-Ethos underscore need for setting high standards in veterinary cancer diagnostics

Ethos Veterinary Health, Ethos Discovery, and the Translational Genomics Research Institute (TGen), an affiliate of City of Hope, announced today that they have developed a highly accurate test for the diagnosis of canine ...

Ecology 1 hour ago

Research explores how the management of feral cats can protect native species

New Massey research hopes to improve the management of feral cats for the protection of native species.

Biotechnology 47 minutes ago

New leaf shapes for thale cress

Anyone who looks at their bowl of salad or at their garden can see how different the shapes of leaves can be. Spinach leaves, for example, have smooth edges and are comparatively simple in form, while parsley leaves are deeply ...

Plants & Animals 47 minutes ago

Study shows temperature alters developing nervous system in frogs

Can the environment affect how the spinal cord develops specialized circuitry, or is that process hardwired, following prescribed genetic instructions turned on early in the embryo?

Plants & Animals 2 hours ago

Packs of wolf-dog hybrids threaten europe's wolves

"Swarms" of wolf-dog crossbreeds could drive Europe's wolves out of existence, according to the lead author of new research. Such hybridisation—driven by human activities that destroy habitats and mean wolves encounter ...

Cell & Microbiology 23 hours ago

The neural mechanisms that inhibit slow muscle activity during fast swimming in fish

In vertebrate muscles, there are slow and fast muscle fibers. Fast muscle fibers contract rapidly, but are prone to fatigue. Slow muscle fibers have the property of slow contraction, but resist fatigue. Vertebrates use fast ...

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