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Molecular & Computational biology 10 hours ago

Therapeutics that can shut down harmful genes need a reliable delivery system

Viruses attack the body by sending their genetic code—DNA and RNA—into cells and multiplying. A promising class of therapeutics that uses synthetic nucleic acids to target and shut down specific, harmful genes and prevent ...

Molecular & Computational biology 11 hours ago

In slow motion against antibiotic resistance

There are currently only a few synthetic agents that bind to and block the widespread membrane transport proteins, ATP-binding cassette transporters (ABC). Scientists at Goethe University and the University of Tokyo identified ...

Plants & Animals 12 hours ago

Pet trade may pose threat to bushbaby conservation

Southern lesser galagos (Galago moholi), a species of primate that lives in southern Africa, boast big, round eyes and are so small they can fit in your hand.

Plants & Animals 12 hours ago

Researcher describes four new species of sponge that lay undiscovered in plain sight

The ocean is a big place with many deep, dark mysteries. Humans have mapped no more than 20% of the sea, and explored less. Even the kelp forests of Southern California—among the best studied patches of ocean on the planet—hide ...

Molecular & Computational biology 16 hours ago

Mothers can influence offspring's height, lifespan and disease risk through mitochondria

Mitochondria—the 'batteries' that power our cells—play an unexpected role in common diseases such as type 2 diabetes and multiple sclerosis, concludes a study of over 350,000 people conducted by the University of Cambridge.

Cell & Microbiology 16 hours ago

Sperm help 'persuade' the female to accept pregnancy

Sperm are generally viewed as having just one action in reproduction—to fertilize the female's egg—but studies at the University of Adelaide are overturning that view.

Plants & Animals 19 hours ago

Terpen-tales: The mystery behind the unique fragrance of lavender

Even the mention of lavender evokes the distinct fragrance of the flower. This beautiful flower has been used to make perfumes and essential oils since time immemorial. The aesthetics of the flower have captured imaginations ...

Bio & Medicine May 14, 2021

Microfluidics: The tiny, beautiful tech hidden all around you

When you think of micro- or nanotechnology, you likely think of small electronics like your phone, a tiny robot or a microchip. But COVID-19 tests—which have proven to be central to controlling the pandemic—are also a ...

Plants & Animals May 14, 2021

New species of snake described with the help of a 185-year-old painting

A new snake species has been described from the Indian state of Tamil Nadu. The new species, now known as Joseph's racer, was first collected in the mid-19th Century, but the confusion around this snake goes back over two ...

Plants & Animals May 14, 2021

How moths find their flame: Genetics of mate attraction discovered

The mysteries of sexual attraction just became a little less mysterious—at least for moths. A team of six American and European research groups including Tufts University has discovered which gene expressed in the brain ...

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