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Biotechnology 13 hours ago

New method of artificially creating genetic switches for yeast

A group of researchers from Kobe University and Chiba University has successfully developed a flexible and simple method of artificially producing genetic switches for yeast, a model eukaryotic organism. The group consisted ...

Biotechnology 12 hours ago

Programming proteins to turn cells into molecular computers

A new method of breaking and fixing proteins could speed the development of sophisticated computer-like circuits in cells that will pave the way to new biotechnology and medical advances.

Cell & Microbiology Apr 12, 2021

Researchers engineer probiotic yeast to produce beta-carotene

Researchers have genetically engineered a probiotic yeast to produce beta-carotene in the guts of laboratory mice. The advance demonstrates the utility of work the researchers have done to detail how a suite of genetic engineering ...

Biotechnology Apr 09, 2021

New, reversible CRISPR method can control gene expression while leaving underlying DNA sequence unchanged

Over the past decade, the CRISPR-Cas9 gene editing system has revolutionized genetic engineering, allowing scientists to make targeted changes to organisms' DNA. While the system could potentially be useful in treating a ...

Molecular & Computational biology Mar 06, 2021

New 'split-drive' system puts scientists in the (gene) driver seat

Powerful new genetic engineering methods have given scientists the potential to revolutionize several sectors of global urgency.

Biotechnology Apr 12, 2021

Breakthrough in plant protection: RNAi pesticides affect only one pest species

The harmfulness of pesticides to beneficial organisms is one of the most serious concerns in agriculture. Therefore scientists are eagerly looking for new, more environmentally friendly and species-specific solutions. Researchers ...

Biotechnology Apr 12, 2021

For tomato genes, one plus one doesn't always make two

Both people and tomatoes come in different shapes and sizes. That is because every individual has a unique set of genetic variations—mutations—that affect how genes act and function. Added together, millions of small ...

Biotechnology Apr 12, 2021

Understudied mutations have big impact on gene expression

An international team of researchers led by computer scientists at the University of California San Diego have identified 163 variable number tandem repeats (VNTRs) that actively regulate gene expression. In a paper published ...

Cell & Microbiology Apr 08, 2021

Lockdown for genome parasites

Researchers at GMI—Gregor Mendel Institute of Molecular Plant Biology of the Austrian Academy of Sciences—have uncovered an ingenious mechanism by which Arabidopsis safeguards the integrity of its genome. The paper is ...

Ecology Apr 12, 2021

Study finds rapid evolution in foxgloves pollinated by hummingbirds

Researchers have found common foxgloves brought to the Americas have rapidly evolved to change flower length in the presence of a new pollinator group, hummingbirds. The findings are published in the British Ecological Society's ...

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