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Materials Science 21 hours ago

A step closer to a hydrogen-fueled economy using an efficient anode for water splitting

In the recent past, there has been a paradigm shift towards renewable sources of energy in order to address the concerns pertaining to environmental degradation and dwindling fossil fuels. A variety of alternative green energy ...

Environment Jun 11, 2021

Australia lagging on global green competitiveness ahead of G7 summit

While Germany, Italy and the United States will participate in the G7 summit as global leaders in green competitiveness, Australia will attend as a 'green laggard," according to a new global analysis published today involving ...

Materials Science Jun 09, 2021

Researchers develop tool to aid in development, efficiency of hydrogen-powered cars

Widespread adoption of hydrogen-powered vehicles over traditional electric vehicles requires fuel cells that can convert hydrogen and oxygen safely into water—a serious implementation problem.

Materials Science Jun 09, 2021

For a low-carbon cement recipe, scientists look to Earth's cauldrons

Concrete has given us the Pantheon in Rome, the Sydney Opera House, the Hoover Dam and countless blocky monoliths. The artificial rock blankets our cities and roadways, underlies wind farms and solar panel arrays—and will ...

Environment Jun 08, 2021

The next 20 are years crucial in determining the future of coal

Decisions made now will determine whether economies win or lose money as the coal industry changes over the next couple of decades.

Nanophysics Jun 08, 2021

New generation of supercapacitors set to electrify green transportation

Scientists have created a new generation of low-cost, high-energy supercapacitors to power electric vehicles.

Archaeology Jun 07, 2021

Study sheds light on pre-Columbian life in understudied area of SW Amazon

A new study co-authored by University of Central Florida researchers shows that pre-Columbian people of a culturally diverse but not well-documented area of the Amazon in South America significantly altered their landscape ...

Molecular & Computational biology Jun 03, 2021

Researchers reveal the inner workings of a viral DNA-packaging motor

A group of researchers have discovered the detailed inner workings of the molecular motor that packages genetic material into double-stranded DNA viruses. The advance provides insight into a critical step in the reproduction ...

Bio & Medicine Jun 03, 2021

Scientist discovers how leafbirds make complex color-producing crystals

A recent study by a team of researchers led by Dr. Vinod Kumar Saranathan from the Division of Science at Yale-NUS College has discovered a complex, three-dimensional crystal called the single gyroid within feathers of the ...

General Physics May 31, 2021

Phonon catalysis could lead to a new field

Batteries and fuel cells often rely on a process known as ion diffusion to function. In ion diffusion, ionized atoms move through solid materials, similar to the process of water being absorbed by rice when cooked. Just like ...

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