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Optics & Photonics Nov 30, 2023

Researchers extend non-line-of-sight imaging towards longer wavelengths

Emerging technologies for non-line-of-sight imaging can detect objects even if they are around a corner or behind a wall. In new work, researchers use a new type of detector to extend this method from visible light into near ...

Mathematics Oct 31, 2023

Mathematician creates mass extinction model regarding climate change and adaptation

A RUDN University mathematician and a colleague developed a theoretical model of mass extinction. The model for the first time took into account two important factors—the inverse effect of vegetation on climate change and ...

Earth Sciences Sep 6, 2023

Unraveling a paradox of Himalayan glacier melt

One in five glaciers on Earth are covered with a layer of rocky debris. The presence of debris influences how glaciers melt. In the Himalaya, debris covers most large glaciers, and it is so thick that it should insulate the ...

Condensed Matter Aug 28, 2023

Discovery puts a magnetic spin on neuromorphic computing

The word "fractals" might inspire images of psychedelic colors spiraling into infinity in a computer animation. An invisible, but powerful and useful, version of this phenomenon exists in the realm of dynamic magnetic fractal ...

Plants & Animals Aug 21, 2023

Tracking species range shifts in a changing climate

As our planet undergoes significant transformations due to climate change, habitats are being altered, appearing, disappearing, or changing in quality. Understanding the impact of these changes on the geographic distributions ...

Soft Matter Aug 17, 2023

Unlocking chaos: Ultracold quantum gas reveals insights into wave turbulence

In the intricate realm of wave turbulence, where predictability falters and chaos reigns, new research explores the heart of wave turbulence using an ultracold quantum gas. The study reveals new insights that could advance ...

Evolution Aug 11, 2023

Evolving elegance: Scientists connect beauty and safeguarding in ammonoid shells

Ammonoids are a group of extinct marine mollusk animals that are now an iconic fossil group often collected by amateurs. Over 350 million years of evolution, ammonoids developed increasingly elaborate shells with fractal-like ...

Mathematics Aug 1, 2023

Scientists uncover a surprising connection between number theory and evolutionary genetics

Number theory, the study of the properties of positive integers, is perhaps the purest form of mathematics. At first sight, it may seem far too abstract to apply to the natural world. In fact, the influential American number ...

Nanophysics Jul 27, 2023

Mixing of moiré-surface and bulk states: Capturing Hofstadter's butterfly in one of Earth's most ancient materials

Researchers in the National Graphene Institute (NGI) at The University of Manchester have revisited one of the most ancient materials on Earth—graphite—and discovered new physics that has eluded the field for decades.

Cell & Microbiology Jul 27, 2023

Your genetic code has lots of 'words' for the same thing—information theory may help explain the redundancies

Nearly all life, from bacteria to humans, uses the same genetic code. This code acts as a dictionary, translating genes into the amino acids used to build proteins. The universality of the genetic code indicates a common ...

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