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Ecology May 08, 2021

Last wild macaw in Rio is lonely and looking for love

Some have claimed she's indulging a forbidden romance. More likely, loneliness compels her to seek company at Rio de Janeiro's zoo.

Archaeology May 06, 2021

Archaeologists have discovered the earliest anthropogenic landscape on Earth

As far as we know, humans as a species have been around for at least 300 000 years. Recently, we have come to realize that our impact on the climate and earth's ecology is unsustainable. Landscape change driven by humans ...

Archaeology May 05, 2021

Study offers earliest evidence of humans changing ecosystems with fire

Mastery of fire has given humans dominance over the natural world. A Yale-led study provides the earliest evidence to date of ancient humans significantly altering entire ecosystems with flames.

Plants & Animals May 05, 2021

After 17 years underground, the Brood X cicadas are coming

Billions of Brood X cicadas will begin emerging within the next week or so in the Eastern United States after spending 17 years underground. They will sing mating calls, lay eggs, and then die. Once the eggs hatch sometime ...

Environment May 04, 2021

Locals worry wind and solar will gobble up forests and farms

Massachusetts has installed solar panels faster than almost any other state as it seeks to reduce its carbon emissions. But some activists say the state's transition to renewable energy has come at a cost.

Environment May 04, 2021

Forest fires drive expansion of savannas in the heart of the Amazon

White-sand savannas are expanding in the heart of the Amazon as a result of recurring forest fires, according to a study published in the journal Ecosystems.

Environment May 04, 2021

Mangroves and seagrasses absorb microplastics

Mangroves and seagrasses grow in many places along the coasts of the world, and these 'blue forests' constitute an important environment for a large number of animals. Here, juvenile fish can hide until they are big enough ...

Ecology May 04, 2021

Many Australian frogs don't tolerate human impacts on the environment

A UNSW and Australian Museum study using data from a citizen science project finds 70 percent are vulnerable to housing, agriculture, roads and recreation.

Plants & Animals May 03, 2021

On the brink: Brazil's coastal rainforest

Together with Brazilian colleagues, Senckenberg scientist Raffael Ernst investigated the impact of current land use on the bird and amphibian fauna of the Atlantic rainforest in southeastern Brazil. In their study, published ...

Environment Apr 30, 2021

Climate change: Amazon may be turning from friend to foe

The Brazilian Amazon released nearly 20 percent more carbon dioxide into the atmosphere over the last decade than it absorbed, according to a stunning report that shows humanity can no longer depend on the world's largest ...

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