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Ecology 13 hours ago

Study: To save nature, focus on populations, not species

Human-released greenhouse gases are causing the world to warm, and with that warming comes increasing stress for many of the planet's plants and animals. That stress is so great that many scientists believe we are currently ...

Ecology 15 hours ago

New research prompts urgent call to protect Madagascar's unique biodiversity before it's too late

In two new papers published today, December 1, in Science, researchers from the Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew and partners from 50 global organizations have undertaken a major review of Madagascar's extraordinary biodiversity. ...

Astrobiology 15 hours ago

Should we build a nature reserve on Mars?

There are 8 billion of us now. The UN says when the population peaks around the year 2100, there'll be 11 billion human souls. Our population growth is colliding with the natural world on a greater scale than ever, and we're ...

Ecology 18 hours ago

Individual tree-based model constructed for multiscale forest carbon dynamics prediction

Forests contribute an enormous carbon flux to terrestrial ecosystems. Thus, accurate estimation and prediction of forest dynamics both play an important role in understanding the carbon cycle in the background of global change. ...

Ecology Dec 01, 2022

How bringing back lost species revives ecosystems

Scientists often study the grim impacts of losing wildlife to hunting, habitat destruction and climate change. But what happens when endangered animals are brought back from the brink?

Archaeology Nov 30, 2022

Focus on ancient campus mounds provides insight into Middle Archaic lifestyles

The Louisiana State University (LSU) Campus Mounds sit on high ground overlooking the Mississippi River floodplain and have been a gathering place and destination for people for thousands of years. They are some of the oldest ...

Paleontology & Fossils Nov 30, 2022

South African fossils reveal the lost world of ancient invertebrates

A former South African quarry is opening a window into an important period in the history of life.

Plants & Animals Nov 29, 2022

Forests found to benefit from tree species variety and genetic diversity

Reforestation projects should include a variety of tree species and ensure genetic diversity within each species to maximize new forests' health and productivity, suggests a study published today in eLife.

Ecology Nov 29, 2022

Heat waves could reduce survival of coral larvae and connectivity of coral populations in Mediterranean Sea

Global climate change and, in particular, the warming of the oceans has caused the frequency and severity of marine heat waves to increase every year, with serious consequences for the stability and resilience of coral populations.

Ecology Nov 29, 2022

Mangroves: Environmental guardians of our coastline

They are the salt-tolerant shrubs that thrive in the toughest of conditions, but according to new UniSA research, mangroves are also avid coastal protectors, capable of surviving in heavy metal contaminated environments.

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