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Archaeology 47 minutes ago

The last battle of Anne of Brittany: Isotopic study of the soldiers of 1491

A multidisciplinary team of researchers from INRAP, CNRS, the universities of Ottawa, Rennes 2, Toulouse III Paul Sabatier and the Max Planck Institute has recognized the soldiers of the last battles of the siege of Rennes ...

General Physics 17 hours ago

Rapid rovers, speedy sands: Fast-tracking terrain interaction modeling

Granular materials, such as sand and gravel, are an interesting class of materials. They can display solid, liquid, and gas-like properties, depending on the scenario. But things can get complicated in cases of high-speed ...

Environment 17 hours ago

Burning natural gas is now more dangerous than coal in Illinois, study shows

Pollution from natural gas is now responsible for more deaths and greater health costs than coal in Illinois, according to a new study highlighting another hazard of burning fossil fuels that are scrambling the planet's climate.

Materials Science 20 hours ago

Researchers create leather-like material from silk proteins

Leather is an ever growing multi-billion dollar industry requiring more than 3.8 billion bovine animals—equal to one for every two people on earth—to sustain production each year. And while the products—clothing, shoes, ...

Astronomy 20 hours ago

A new window to see hidden side of magnetized universe

New observations and simulations show that jets of high-energy particles emitted from the central massive black hole in the brightest galaxy in galaxy clusters can be used to map the structure of invisible inter-cluster magnetic ...

Cell & Microbiology 22 hours ago

Biologists discover a trigger for cell extrusion

For all animals, eliminating some cells is a necessary part of embryonic development. Living cells are also naturally sloughed off in mature tissues; for example, the lining of the intestine turns over every few days.

Cell & Microbiology 23 hours ago

Tracking down the tiniest of forces: How T cells detect invaders

T cells use their antigen receptors like sticky fingers—a team from TU Wien and MedUni Vienna was able to observe them doing so.

Materials Science 23 hours ago

Biologically inspired artificial muscles made from motor proteins

Inside our cells, and those of the most well-known lifeforms, exist a variety of complex compounds known as "molecular motors." These biological machines are essential for various types of movement in living systems, from ...

Environment May 05, 2021

Ancient Mesopotamian marshes threatened by Iraqi sewage, pollutants

In southern Iraq, putrid water gushes out of waste pipes into marshes reputed to be home to the biblical Garden of Eden, threatening an already fragile world heritage site.

Environment May 04, 2021

Locals worry wind and solar will gobble up forests and farms

Massachusetts has installed solar panels faster than almost any other state as it seeks to reduce its carbon emissions. But some activists say the state's transition to renewable energy has come at a cost.

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