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Earth Sciences 4 hours ago

The 'good fire': Prescribed burning can prevent catastrophic wildfires in the future

Roaring flames, burned-out houses and cars, hazy air and orange skies are all around us. Already this year, millions of hectares have been torched by more than 2,200 wildfires in Canada.

Biotechnology 5 hours ago

Scientists demonstrate 3D 'bio-printing' inside organoids growing in hydrogels

Scientists from the NIHR Great Ormond Street Hospital Biomedical Research Centre (a collaboration between GOSH and UCL), London, and University of Padova, Italy, have shown for the first time how 3D printing can be achieved ...

Bio & Medicine 6 hours ago

Nanoparticle therapy targeting specific immune cells appears promising for sepsis

Nanoparticles consisting of a designer protein that counteract an overreaction of the immune system, while simultaneously boosting that system. This invention offers possibilities for the treatment of sepsis, a condition ...

Quantum Physics 9 hours ago

Searching for new particle: Discovering axions could help answer one of the most puzzling questions in physics

One of the most high-profile mysteries in physics today is what scientists refer to as the "Strong CP Problem." Stemming from the puzzling phenomenon that neutrons do not interact with electric fields despite being made up ...

Environment 14 hours ago

Canada wildfires spark 'ecoterrorist' conspiracy theory

As Canada hurtles towards its worst wildfire season in history, a conspiracy theory has taken off online claiming environmentalists intentionally set some of the blazes.

Ecology Jun 8, 2023

Ecologists highlight the invisible effects of human activity on nature

Discussions at the recent COP15 biodiversity conference in Montréal highlighted once again the impact of human activities on wildlife. Many species are forced to migrate, are seeing their populations declining, or worse, ...

Astronomy Jun 8, 2023

Research sheds light on new model of cosmological dark matter

Newcastle University researchers used insights gained from the study of ultracold atomic Bose Einstein condensates to analyze the behavior of fuzzy dark matter, a new model for cosmological dark matter that has recently drawn ...

Ecology Jun 8, 2023

A tracking device that uses animal movements as a power source

A team of zoologists, animal behaviorists and engineers from the Natural History Museum of Denmark, University of Copenhagen, the Max Planck Institute of Animal Behavior and the Technical University of Denmark has developed ...

Environment Jun 7, 2023

Despite major progress nationally, two mercury emissions hotspots remain

Missing from partisan political debates over regulations affecting the energy sector is the stunning success of the federal government's signature environmental laws. A prime example: the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency's ...

Paleontology & Fossils Jun 7, 2023

Newly discovered dinosaur, 'Iani,' was face of a changing planet

A newly discovered plant-eating dinosaur may have been a species' "last gasp" during a period when Earth's warming climate forced massive changes to global dinosaur populations.

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