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Plasma Physics 18 hours ago

How the universe got its magnetic field

When we look out into space, all of the astrophysical objects that we see are embedded in magnetic fields. This is true not only in the neighborhood of stars and planets, but also in the deep space between galaxies and galactic ...

Optics & Photonics 4 hours ago

All-optical computation of a group of transformations using a polarization-encoded diffractive network

Implementing large-scale linear transformations or matrix computations plays a pivotal role in modern information processing systems. Digital computer systems need to complete up to billions of matrix operations per second ...

Soft Matter May 19, 2022

Researchers reveal multi-scale characteristics of helicity in wall-bounded turbulent flows

A research team from the Institute of Mechanics of the Chinese Academy of Sciences has revealed the multi-scale characteristics of helicity in wall-bounded turbulent flows.

Cell & Microbiology May 25, 2022

Mystery mechanism in small peptide shows big promise for fighting antibiotic-resistant bacteria

Since the advent of penicillin more than 90 years ago, antibiotic drugs have saved countless lives by preventing and treating bacterial infections. However, bacteria are rapidly developing new ways to resist antibiotics, ...

Cell & Microbiology May 20, 2022

Chloride ion channel ASOR is required for vesicle shrinkage

Since the discovery of the chloride ion channel ASOR three years ago, researchers have been searching for its biological functions.

Soft Matter May 10, 2022

At home, do-it-yourself fluid mechanics

Although the COVID-19 pandemic caused many disruptions in the educational system, it also led to some surprising benefits.

Bio & Medicine Apr 26, 2022

Research reveals a new mechanism to transfer chirality between molecules in the nanoscale field

If we compare the right to the left hand, we can see these are specular images—that is, like symmetrical shapes reflected in a mirror—and they cannot superimpose on each other. This property is chirality, a feature of ...

Earth Sciences Apr 28, 2022

How are the physical characteristics of the coal-fluid system reflected in ultrasound?

Around the beginning of the 21st century, the world economy entered a new development cycle, and the demand for oil and natural gas resources around the world has skyrocketed. In the face of this huge energy demand, people ...

General Physics May 17, 2022

Aerodynamics of perching birds could inform aircraft design

If you have ever watched a bird land on a tree branch, you may have noticed that it rapidly pitches its wings upward at a high angle to execute a smooth landing. However, for some birds, they land by folding their wings as ...

Soft Matter May 05, 2022

How mechanical ventilation affects the trajectories of aerosols that may carry viral particles

We have known for a longtime now that the COVID-19 virus, SARS-CoV-2 is a mostly airborne disease. Ventilation of indoor spaces is therefore one of the most useful ways in which we can keep people safe. Research in the International ...

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