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Ecology May 13, 2022

Fighting white-nose syndrome in bats benefits agriculture, study shows

For years, bats have gotten a bad rap as the creepy creatures lurking in the dark. But for just as long, agricultural producers have known the winged wonder is actually the hero of the story, not the villain.

Ecology May 10, 2022

Soil microbes use different pathways to metabolize carbon

Much of what scientists think about soil metabolism may be wrong. New evidence from Northern Arizona University suggests that microbes in different soils use different biochemical pathways to process nutrients, respire, and ...

Ecology May 06, 2022

Precipitation changes alter species diversity and ecosystem multifunctionality in desert steppe environments

Changes in precipitation patterns under global climate change affect plant biodiversity in terrestrial ecosystems, with potentially important implications for ecosystem function and processes.

Environment May 05, 2022

New Mexico and Arizona facing a dangerously early fire season

New Mexico and Arizona are facing a dangerously early fire season. It has left neighborhoods in ashes and is having such devastating effects that the governor of New Mexico on May 3, 2022, urged President Joe Biden to issue ...

Environment Apr 29, 2022

Climate warming will not change greenhouse gas emission of biocrust in arid sandy areas

Climate change marked by global warming is affecting various ecological processes of terrestrial ecosystem.

Environment Apr 26, 2022

Microplastics are everywhere, but their dangers largely remain a mystery, experts say

They are everywhere: in riverbanks, on glaciers, in deserts, in fish populations, even in the air we breathe. And these are just a few of the places where scientists have found microplastics, plastic debris roughly the size ...

Evolution Apr 25, 2022

From wolf to chihuahua: New research reveals where the dingo sits on the evolutionary timeline of dogs

Many people know modern dogs evolved from the gray wolf. But did you know most of the more than 340 modern dog breeds we have today only emerged within the past 200 years?

Ecology Apr 21, 2022

Humans disrupting 66 million-year-old feature of ecosystems

The U-shaped relationship between diet and size in modern land mammals could also stand for "universal," says a new study, which has found that the relationship spans at least 66 million years and a range of vertebrate animal ...

Environment Apr 18, 2022

As drought hammers Mono Lake, thirsty Los Angeles must look elsewhere for water

With a third year of drought shrinking the creeks that cascade down the eastern Sierra Nevada, the level of Mono Lake has fallen so low it has triggered a 72% reduction in the amount of water Los Angeles can divert from area ...

Environment Apr 18, 2022

With dwindling water supplies, the timing of rainfall matters

A new UC Riverside study shows it's not how much extra water you give your plants, but when you give it that counts.

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