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Paleontology & Fossils Apr 13, 2021

Ancient ammonoids' shell designs may have aided buoyancy control

Ammonoids, ancestors of today's octopus, squid and cuttlefish, bobbed and jetted their way through the oceans for around 340 million years beginning long before the age of the dinosaurs. If you look at the fossil shells of ...

Plants & Animals Mar 25, 2021

Octopuses have two alternating sleep states, study shows

Octopuses are known to sleep and to change color while they do it. Now, a study publishing March 25 in the journal iScience finds that these color changes are characteristic of two major alternating sleep states: an "active ...

Evolution Mar 23, 2021

Cephalopods: Older than previously thought?

Possibly the oldest cephalopods in the Earth's history stem from the Avalon Peninsula in Newfoundland (Canada) discovered by scientists from Heidelberg University. The 522-million-year-old fossils could turn out to be the ...

Plants & Animals Mar 19, 2021

Hong Kong's fragile coral reefs boosted by 3D printing

In jade waters off Hong Kong's eastern shoreline, scientists are thrilled to spot a cuttlefish protecting her eggs inside an artificial, 3D-printed clay seabed helping to restore the city's fragile coral reefs.

General Physics Mar 08, 2021

Squids' ability to tune color and brightness of their iridescence comes down to subtle mechanism

Squids have long been a source of fascination for humans, providing the stuff of legend, superstition and myth. And it's no wonder—their odd appearances and strange intelligence, their mastery of the open ocean can inspire ...

Plants & Animals Mar 02, 2021

Quick-learning cuttlefish pass 'the marshmallow test'

Much like the popular TikTok challenge where kids resist eating snacks, cuttlefish can do the same! Cuttlefish can delay gratification—wait for a better meal rather than be tempted by the one at hand—and those that can ...

Plants & Animals Jan 25, 2021

Study reveals a diverse cephalopod fauna in the canary current large marine ecosystem

An extensive review of cephalopod fauna from the Northwest African Atlantic coast was performed by researchers from the University of Vigo (Spain) and the Spanish Institute of Oceanography (IEO). The study was based on the ...

Ecology Jan 13, 2021

Resilience to climate change? New study finds octopuses adapting to higher ocean acid levels

With the impact of climate change increasing by the day, scientists are studying the ways in which human behavior contributes to the damage. A recent study at Walla Walla University, by a collaboration of researchers from ...

Materials Science Jan 05, 2021

3-D-printed smart gel changes shape when exposed to light

Inspired by the color-changing skin of cuttlefish, octopuses and squids, Rutgers engineers have created a 3-D-printed smart gel that changes shape when exposed to light, becomes "artificial muscle" and may lead to new military ...

Plants & Animals Dec 08, 2020

Research reveals full extent of seagrass beds in Looe Bay

Students from the University of Plymouth have led new research showing that seagrass beds in Looe Bay, on the South Cornwall coast, are among the largest such habitats in the whole of Devon and Cornwall.

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