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Plants & Animals Feb 22, 2021

Plant responses to climate are lagged

Two in five of the world's plant species are at risk of extinction. In the face of climate change, understanding why certain plant species are vulnerable to extinction while others prevail is more urgent than ever before. ...

Earth Sciences Feb 25, 2021

Evidence suggests climate whiplash may have more extremes in store for California

Vanderbilt paleoclimatologists using pioneering research have uncovered evidence of ancient climate "whiplash" in California that exceeded even the extremes the state has weathered in the past decade. Their findings present ...

Earth Sciences Feb 22, 2021

Future ocean warming boosts tropical rainfall extremes

The El Niño-Southern Oscillation (ENSO) is the most energetic naturally occurring year-to-year variation of ocean temperature and rainfall on the planet. The irregular swings between warm and wet El Niño conditions in the ...

Environment Feb 25, 2021

What do our climate refugees look like?

When the bushfires hit the town of Drake in NSW, Rod Simpson says he became one of Australia's first climate refugees. He's traveled across States, and the Tasman waters in search of a place to settle. More than a year on, ...

Ecology Feb 26, 2021

When devastation strikes the oceans, sharks can hold the key to recovery

A world without sharks is a world less resilient to extreme climate events, scientists say.

Environment Feb 25, 2021

Short-term climate modeling forecasts drought for Southeast US

Many climate models focus on scenarios decades into the future, making their outcomes seem unreliable and problematic for decision-making in the immediate future. In a proactive move, researchers are using short-term forecasts ...

Plants & Animals Feb 26, 2021

Combating ecosystem collapse from the tropics to the Antarctic

Eminent scientists warn that key ecosystems around Australia and Antarctica are collapsing, and propose a three-step framework to combat irreversible global damage.

Ecology Feb 22, 2021

Salmon scales reveal substantial decline in wild salmon population & diversity

The diversity and numbers of wild salmon in Northern B.C. have declined approximately 70 percent over the past century, according to a new Simon Fraser University study.

Environment Feb 22, 2021

Research delineates the impacts of climate warming on microbial network interactions

Climate change impacts are broad and far reaching. A new study by University of Oklahoma researchers from the Institute for Environmental Genomics explores the impacts of climate warming on microbial network complexity and ...

Environment Feb 24, 2021

Possible irreversible changes to sub-systems prior to reaching climate change tipping points

Recently a pair of researchers with the University of Copenhagen published a paper in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences describing their work looking into the possibility of changes to the Atlantic Meridional ...

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