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Machine Learning & AI Apr 26, 2019

How intelligent workstations will use AI to improve health and happiness

Statistics show that if you're reading this at work, you're likely indoors at a table or a desk. If so, pause for a moment: How's your posture? Is the room temperature comfortable? Lighting OK? In the U.S., 81 million office ...

Cell & Microbiology Mar 27, 2019

Study identifies 'master pacemaker' for biological clocks

What makes a biological clock tick? According to a new study from U of T Mississauga, the surprising answer lies with a gene typically associated with stem and cancer cells.

Other Aug 10, 2015

Air controller study shows chronic fatigue

Air traffic controllers' work schedules often lead to chronic fatigue, making them less alert and endangering the safety of the national air traffic system, according to a study the government has kept secret for nearly four ...

Other Nov 26, 2012

Disabled on the outside of virtual worlds

An ARC-funded project exploring isolation, illness and the internet suggests online virtual worlds can offer support for isolated individuals suffering disabilities – but accessibility remains a major obstacle.

Cell & Microbiology Jan 04, 2017

Blocking mechanism used by a mysterious class of retroviruses to force hosts to allow them to replicate

Viruses hijack a body's cellular machinery for their own reproduction. Scientists have shown how one class of virus uses a trick to override natural signals that would otherwise stop them from replicating.

Other Nov 03, 2014

Best of Last Week – Parallel worlds, China completes moon round trip and progress in preventing GI cancers

( —Impressive things were happening in physics and the sciences in general last week, starting with a radical new theory from physicists at Griffith University—they are proposing the idea of the existence and ...

Social Sciences Feb 15, 2012

Green spaces reduce stress levels of jobless, study shows

Stress levels of unemployed people are linked more to their surroundings than their age, gender, disposable income, and degree of deprivation, a study shows.

Social Sciences Oct 12, 2011

Human development experts recommend tuning in to family, not devices

Combined with increasingly hectic work, school and extracurricular schedules, the advent of wireless technology has led to less quality time between parents and children. University of Missouri human development specialists ...

Ecology Jun 08, 2011

Dangerous toxin discovered in critically endangered Hawaiian monk seal

( -- Researchers from NOAA have discovered a potent and highly-debilitating toxin in the endangered Hawaiian monk seal, a first-of-its-kind chemical finding that is now prompting investigations of other marine ...

Analytical Chemistry Jul 02, 2010

Disposable cortisol biosensor developed

( -- Scientists in the US have developed a disposable, non-invasive new biosensor to monitor levels of the stress hormone, cortisol, and say the ultrasensitive electrochemical impedance technique it uses could ...

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