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Biotechnology Jun 17, 2019

Inducing an osteoarthritic (OA) phenotype in a cartilage-on-a-chip (COC) model

In an aging population, the social impact of osteoarthritis (OA) can dramatically increase to become the most common musculoskeletal disease. However, at present, therapies are limited to palliative treatments or surgical ...

Space Exploration May 08, 2019

Tissue chip headed to International Space Station for osteoarthritis study

On May 4, a National Center for Advancing Translational Sciences (NCATS)-supported tissue-chip system with direct clinical applications to health conditions here on Earth was launched on the SpaceX CRS 17/Falcon 9 rocket.

Plants & Animals Jan 13, 2011

Inventions of evolution: What gives frogs a face

Zoologists of the University Jena (Germany) analysed the central factor for the development of the morphologically distinctive features of the tadpoles. "We were able to show that the 'FOXN3' most of all influences the development ...

Materials Science Feb 04, 2014

Biomaterials for the 21st century and how they will change our lives

In Robert Langer's vision of the future, the paralyzed walk, the sick are healed, the maimed are whole again, and it all happens through bioengineering.

Other Oct 20, 2017

Your body's cells use and resist force, and they move. It's mechanobiology

Mechanical forces rule biological processes, from the contractions of the pump-like heart, to muscles that resemble strings and pullies, and cells that carry out microscopic tugs-of-war.

Engineering May 04, 2009

Non-wovens as scaffolds for artificial tissue

( -- In future, cartilage, tendon and blood vessel tissue will be produced in the laboratory, with cells being grown on a porous frame, such as non-wovens. A new software program helps to characterize and optimize ...

Space Exploration Dec 04, 2018

Tissue chips rocket to International Space Station

When traveling in space, astronauts experience physiological changes normally associated with aging, such as bone loss, muscle deterioration and altered immune systems. When the astronauts return to Earth, the changes often ...

Space Exploration Jun 21, 2017

CASIS partnership brings 'organs-on-chips' research to space station

Models of human disease are beneficial for medical research, but have limitations in predicting the way a drug will behave within the human body using data from non-human models because of inherent differences between species. ...

Analytical Chemistry Mar 02, 2017

With new imaging technology, scientists and clinicians can visualize biological systems

A picture may be worth a thousand words. But new imaging technology that harmonizes mighty and distinctive microscopes may tell a complex story about a disease or condition – how it develops and how it can be treated precisely.

Nanomaterials Feb 29, 2012

Nanofiber breakthrough holds promise for medicine and microprocessors

( -- A new method for creating nanofibers made of proteins, developed by researchers at Polytechnic Institute of New York University (NYU-Poly), promises to greatly improve drug delivery methods for the treatment ...

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