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Space Exploration Jan 14, 2022

Virgin Orbit successfully launches 7 satellites into orbit

A Virgin Orbit rocket released from a jet flying off the California coast carried seven small satellites into space on Thursday as the company kicked off a year in which it plans to ramp up the pace of launches, including ...

Environment Aug 03, 2021

What's driving the huge blooms of brown seaweed piling up on Florida and Caribbean beaches?

Here's a handy geography question for your next trivia match: What is the world's only sea that doesn't have a land border?

Ecology Aug 02, 2021

First comprehensive assessment of climate change impacts on coasts and seas across the UK Overseas Territories

Professor John Turner and Dr. Gareth Williams of the School of Ocean Sciences were co-authors of the Indian Ocean Region Assessment which highlighted four priorities, which are the changes in coral species; changes to coral ...

Space Exploration Jul 09, 2021

Space, the final frontier for billionaire Richard Branson

As famous for his thrill-seeking lifestyle and publicity stunts as for his vast business empire, Richard Branson can now check "astronaut" off his to-do list after successfully completing his first spaceflight.

Environment Aug 21, 2020

NASA nighttime imagery finds Tropical Storm Laura developing

NASA-NOAA's Suomi NPP satellite provided forecasters with a nighttime view of Tropical Depression 13 early on Aug. 21. By 11 a.m. EDT, it had strengthened into Tropical Storm Laura.

Environment Jul 30, 2020

Tropical Storm Isaias heads for Hispaniola with heavy rain

Heavy rains drenched the eastern Caribbean as a weather system strengthened into Tropical Storm Isaias late Wednesday while it passed south of Puerto Rico and headed for Hispaniola carrying the threat of flooding and landslides.

Environment Jul 29, 2020

NASA follows potential tropical cyclone 9 into eastern Caribbean

NASA's Terra satellite obtained visible imagery of Potential Tropical Cyclone 9 after it moved into the Eastern Caribbean Sea and continued bringing heavy rainfall and gusty winds to the Leeward Islands, the U.S. and British ...

Environment Jul 29, 2020

Storm pummels Caribbean with heavy wind, rain en route to US

Heavy rains pummeled the eastern Caribbean on Wednesday due to a weather system headed to Puerto Rico and other islands that was expected to develop into a tropical storm and unleash flooding and landslides.

Environment Jul 29, 2020

Tropical storm warning issued for Puerto Rico, Caribbean

Forecasters on Tuesday issued a tropical storm warning for Puerto Rico and other parts of the Caribbean, saying a disturbance in the Atlantic is likely to soon strengthen into a tropical storm that might reach the U.S. mainland.

Environment Sep 25, 2019

Caribbean gets smart to cope with hurricanes

After monster Hurricane Irma annihilated the farm sector of Barbuda in 2017, growers got smart: among other changes, they moved their crops to higher ground.

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