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Cell & Microbiology Jan 18, 2021

Lasers and molecular tethers create perfectly patterned platforms for tissue engineering

Imagine going to a surgeon to have a diseased or injured organ switched out for a fully functional, laboratory-grown replacement. This remains science fiction and not reality because researchers today struggle to organize ...

Materials Science Jan 19, 2021

New biomaterials can be fine-tuned for medical applications

Researchers in the UK and the United States have succeeded in 'fine tuning' a new thermoplastic biomaterial to enable both the rate at which it degrades in the body and its mechanical properties to be controlled independently.

Biochemistry Dec 31, 2020

Light-responsive E. coli functional biofilms as scaffolds for hydroxyapatite mineralization

Living organisms have evolved mechanisms of biomineralization to build structurally ordered and environmentally adaptive composite materials. While research teams have significantly improved biomimetic mineralization research ...

Cell & Microbiology Jan 11, 2021

Stem cells use a piston-like engine to 'drive' to their destinations

Our bodies often dispatch stem cells to mend or replace biological damage, but how these repair agents make their way through dense tissue to arrive at the scene had been a mystery. "How stem cells squeeze through tissue ...

Nanomaterials Jan 07, 2021

Chemists invent shape-shifting nanomaterial

Chemists have developed a nanomaterial that they can trigger to shape shift—from flat sheets to tubes and back to sheets again—in a controllable fashion. The Journal of the American Chemical Society published a description ...

Soft Matter Jan 11, 2021

Unique study incorporates fluid dynamics and more to evaluate, enhance future implants

Rice University engineers hope to make life better for those with replacement joints by modeling how artificial hips are likely to rub them the wrong way.

Paleontology & Fossils Dec 15, 2020

Mummified baboons shine new light on the lost land of Punt

Ancient Punt was a major trading partner of Egyptians for at least 1,100 years. It was an important source of luxury goods, including incense, gold, leopard skins, and living baboons. Located somewhere in the southern Red ...

Biochemistry Nov 30, 2020

Recombinant collagen polypeptide as a versatile bone graft biomaterial

The current gold standard for bone grafting surgery includes autografts and allografts, although a growing demand exists to develop synthetic biomaterials for enhanced bio-integration in bone tissue engineering. In a new ...

Materials Science Nov 09, 2020

Scientists create hybrid tissue construct for cartilage regeneration

Wake Forest Institute for Regenerative Medicine scientists (WFIRM) have developed a method to bioprint a type of cartilage that could someday help restore knee function damaged by arthritis or injury.

Biochemistry Dec 15, 2020

Xenon improves properties of maxillofacial and orthopedic implants

Scientists of Tomsk Polytechnic University (TPU) jointly with the colleagues from Siberian State Medical University (SSMU) and Immanuel Kant Baltic Federal University (IKBFU) studied the properties of calcium phosphate coatings ...

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