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Archaeology & Fossils Nov 12, 2019

Scientists explore Egyptian mummy bones with X-rays and infrared light

Experiments at the Department of Energy's Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory (Berkeley Lab) are casting a new light on Egyptian soil and ancient mummified bone samples that could provide a richer understanding of daily ...

Biochemistry Nov 12, 2019

Mechanisms of soft tissue and protein preservation in Tyrannosaurus rex

The existing notion that soft tissue architectures and native proteins can be preserved across geological time is controversial since methods of such preservation remain to be investigated and well-defined. In a new study, ...

Archaeology & Fossils Nov 07, 2019

Millions at stake in dinosaur fight: Are fossils minerals?

The discovery of two fossilized dinosaur skeletons intertwined in what looks like a final death match could make a Montana ranching couple rich beyond their dreams. Or they may have to share the wealth.

Biochemistry Aug 20, 2019

New hydrogels show promise in treating bone defects

Bioengineers and dentists from the UCLA School of Dentistry have developed a new hydrogel that is more porous and effective in promoting tissue repair and regeneration compared to hydrogels that are currently available. Once ...

Materials Science Aug 26, 2019

3-D printed salt template for bioresorbable bone implants

With the help of a 3-D printed salt template, ETH researchers have succeeded in producing magnesium scaffolds with structured porosity that are suitable for bioresorbable bone implants.

Archaeology & Fossils Aug 28, 2019

Bones pulled from the La Brea Tar Pits show the perils of being a picky eater

Narrow rows of shallow gray bins tower to the ceiling. Resting inside are the jaw bones of saber-toothed cats and ancient coyotes that perished in the La Brea Tar Pits as many as 40,000 years ago.

Environment Sep 14, 2019

Water or Gold? Eternal question nags Ecuador tribes

The indigenous people of Ecuador's wind-whipped alpine tundra of Quimsacocha face a stark choice, according to their leader, Yaku Perez.

Biotechnology Sep 19, 2019

The design, construction and characterization of new nanovibrational bioreactors for osteogenesis

In regenerative medicine, scientists aim to significantly advance techniques that can control stem cell lineage commitment. For example, mechanical stimulation of mesenchymal stem cells (MSCs) at the nanoscale can activate ...

Biotechnology Sep 19, 2019

Reimagining eggshells and other everyday items to grow human tissues and organs

Imagine you wanted to grow a blood vessel or kidney or liver outside the body. How would you get all the cells to stick together and form the correct three-dimensional structure?

Plants & Animals Sep 26, 2019

Scientists first to analyze proteins in squid skeletal structure

Writers know the power of the pen, but scientists are just discovering its secrets.

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