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Earth Sciences Jun 10, 2021

Extremophiles could hold clues for climate change-tackling technologies

Microscopic organisms known as extremophiles inhabit some of the last places on Earth you might expect to find life, from the extreme pressures of the ocean floor to freezing ice caps. Understanding how these microbes survive ...

Materials Science Jun 10, 2021

'Vegan spider silk' provides sustainable alternative to single-use plastics

Researchers have created a plant-based, sustainable, scalable material that could replace single-use plastics in many consumer products.

Polymers Jun 01, 2021

Enzymes successfully embedded in plastics

In general, plastics are processed at way over a hundred degrees Celsius. Enzymes, by contrast, cannot usually withstand these high temperatures. Researchers at the Fraunhofer Institute for Applied Polymer Research IAP have ...

Polymers May 31, 2021

Turning tree bark and compost into aircraft wings and plastic bags

Trees, crops and even organic waste can be transformed into a bewildering array of plastics to use in products ranging from single-use bags to heavy-duty airplane wings.

Plants & Animals May 25, 2021

Microalgae from Sweden's west coast: A new resource for the fishing industry

Researchers at the University of Gothenburg and RISE have developed an energy-efficient system of cultivating marine microalgae for the Nordic climate. Now seafood companies along Sweden's west coast are interested in working ...

Materials Science Mar 25, 2021

Turning wood into plastic

Efforts to shift from petrochemical plastics to renewable and biodegradable plastics have proven tricky—the production process can require toxic chemicals and is expensive, and the mechanical strength and water stability ...

Materials Science May 21, 2020

Chemical recycling makes useful product from waste bioplastic

A faster, more efficient way of recycling plant-based "bioplastics" has been developed by a team of scientists at the Universities of Birmingham and Bath.

Biochemistry Mar 10, 2020

Method yields high rate of D-lactate using cyanobacteria, could revolutionize bioplastic production

A Kobe University led research team has illuminated the mechanism by which cyanobacteria (Synechocystis sp. PCC 6803) produces D-lactate, showing that malic enzyme facilitates this production. Subsequently, they succeeded ...

Materials Science Nov 20, 2019

Chemists create new route to PHAs: naturally degradable bioplastics

A tide of public momentum is swelling against the crisis of petroleum-based plastics, which are sitting in our landfills, floating in our oceans, and showing up in our air and even our food.

Environment Aug 22, 2019

Magnets are being used to extract algal molecules for the beauty, bioplastics industries

Entrepreneurs in the aquaculture sector face a problem—extracting all the valuable molecules from seaweed and algal cells is still really difficult. But marine enzymes and magnets are now making it easier to remove precious ...

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