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Quantum Physics Nov 14, 2019

Quantum physics: Our study suggests objective reality doesn't exist

Alternative facts are spreading like a virus across society. Now it seems they have even infected science—at least the quantum realm. This may seem counter intuitive. The scientific method is after all founded on the reliable ...

Quantum Physics Sep 19, 2019

Engineers using soundwaves to search through big data with more stability and ease

Human beings create a lot of data in the digital age—whether it's through everyday items like social media posts, emails and Google searches, or more complex information about health, finances and scientific findings.

Quantum Physics Sep 30, 2019

A ten-qubit solid-state spin register with remarkable quantum memory

In years to come, quantum computers and quantum networks might be able to tackle tasks that are inaccessible to traditional computer systems. For instance, they could be used to simulate complex matter or enable fundamentally ...

Quantum Physics Oct 16, 2019

Quantum physics: Ménage à trois photon-style

Entanglement is one of the properties specific to quantum particles. When two photons become entangled, for instance, the quantum state of the first will correlate perfectly with the quantum state of the second, even if they ...

Quantum Physics Sep 16, 2019

Researchers advance noise cancelling for quantum computers

A team from Dartmouth College and MIT has designed and conducted the first lab test to successfully detect and characterize a class of complex, "non-Gaussian" noise processes that are routinely encountered in superconducting ...

Quantum Physics May 08, 2017

Researchers demonstrated violation of Bell's inequality on frequency-bin entangled photon pairs

Quantum entanglement, one of the most intriguing features of multi-particle quantum systems, has become a fundamental building block in both quantum information processing and quantum computation. If two particles are entangled, ...

Quantum Physics Aug 31, 2015

Researchers find a way to close both loopholes in testing entanglement with Bell's inequality

(—A team of researchers working at Delft University in The Netherlands, has perhaps succeeded in closing the two loopholes that have prevented proving that local realism does not hold at the quantum level. They ...

Quantum Physics Aug 25, 2017

Bell Prize goes to scientists who proved 'spooky' quantum entanglement is real

A trio of scientists who defied Einstein by proving the nonlocal nature of quantum entanglement will be honoured with the John Stewart Bell Prize from the University of Toronto (U of T). The prize recognizes the most significant ...

Quantum Physics Jul 13, 2019

Scientists unveil the first-ever image of quantum entanglement

For the first time ever, physicists have managed to take a photo of a strong form of quantum entanglement called Bell entanglement—capturing visual evidence of an elusive phenomenon which a baffled Albert Einstein once ...

Quantum Physics Aug 27, 2018

Physicists race to demystify Einstein's 'spooky' science

When it comes to fundamental physics, things can get spooky. At least that's what Albert Einstein said when describing the phenomenon of quantum entanglement—the linkage of particles in such a way that measurements performed ...

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