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Space Exploration Sep 21, 2018

Japan space probe drops hopping rovers towards asteroid

A Japanese space probe Friday released a pair of exploring rovers towards an egg-shaped asteroid to collect mineral samples that may shed light on the origin of the solar system.

Ecology Jul 31, 2018

Predatory sea corals team up to feed on stinging jellyfish

Cave-dwelling corals in the Mediterranean can work alongside one another to catch and eat stinging jellyfish, a study reveals.

Evolution Oct 25, 2016

Flawed analysis casts doubt on years of evolutionary research

Years of research on the evolution of ancient life including the dinosaurs have been questioned after a fatal flaw in the way fossil data is analysed was exposed.

Space Exploration Dec 01, 2013

Anticipation builds for China's first moon rover mission (Update)

China Sunday made final preparations to launch its first lunar rover mission, the latest step in an ambitious space programme seen as a symbol of its rising global stature.