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Veterinary medicine 8 hours ago

Veterinarians urge pet owners to prepare for the arrival of rabbit hemorrhagic disease

An emerging virus threatens both wild and pet rabbits in the United States. The fatal virus—which causes an Ebola-like disease called rabbit hemorrhagic disease—already has been reported in the western and southwestern ...

Plants & Animals Jul 06, 2020

Male fruit flies' decline in fertility with age is not only driven by changes in sperm

Infertility is one of the most striking effects of aging. The impact of aging on females' fertility is more severe and much better understood, but it also affects males. Male reproductive aging is less researched, but of ...

Plants & Animals Jul 01, 2020

Consumption of products derived from vulnerable wildlife species pervasive in Laos

A new study of wildlife consumption in northern Laos by San Diego Zoo Global researchers found widespread use of products made from sun bears, Asiatic bears and serows—goat-like mammals found throughout Asia—among other ...

Ecology Jun 29, 2020

Researchers discover unknown consumer base for unsustainable bear product use

In their efforts to better understand ongoing wildlife trafficking and the dynamics of unsustainable bear product use by consumers in Cambodia, a team of researchers led by San Diego Zoo Global made an unexpected discovery: ...

Archaeology & Fossils Jun 25, 2020

MicroCT reveals detailed head morphology of arthropod, Leanchoilia illecebrosa

An international collaboration between researchers at Harvard University and Yunnan University in China uses microCT to study and restudy arthropod fossils from the early Cambrian in the Chengjiang biota in the Yunnan Province ...

Ecology Jun 25, 2020

Human interactions with wild and farmed animals must change dramatically to reduce risk of another deadly pandemic

Compiled by a team of international wildlife and veterinary experts, a new study has identified seven routes by which pandemics could occur and 161 options for reducing the risk. It concludes that widespread changes to the ...

Cell & Microbiology Jun 23, 2020

Bacteria are always at war. Understanding their use of weapons may lead to antibiotic alternatives

A small glimmer of light passes from one bacterium to another. Under the microscope it might not look like much, but there's a deadly battle underway: the second cell has just been hit by a poisoned spear.

Ecology Jun 22, 2020

Helping to protect the most illegally trafficked mammals in the world

As China upgrades pangolins to the highest protected status level, an alternative approach to using long standing forensic methods is helping wildlife crime investigators disrupt poachers and animal traffickers in an effort ...

Environment Jun 19, 2020

'Hard Rock' in the deep sea—the road to deciphering biodiversity on the seabed is stonier than previously assumed

By means of hydroacoustic seafloor mapping Senckenberg and GEOMAR researchers have found out that the seafloor in the Atlantic Ocean is much more diverse than previously assumed. Up to now, biologists have assumed mostly ...

Biotechnology Jun 19, 2020

Overcoming genomic imprinting barrier improves mammal cloning

Somatic cell nuclear transfer (SCNT, also known as cloning) technology holds great potential in animal production and regenerative medicine. However, the extremely low efficiency and frequently observed abnormalities in cloned ...

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