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Plants & Animals May 11, 2021

Zoo YouTube videos prioritize entertainment over education

YouTube channels run by zoos focus on entertainment over education, according to a new study.

Plants & Animals May 03, 2021

Mating with relatives? Not a big deal in nature

We usually assume that inbreeding is bad and should be avoided under all circumstances. But new research performed by researchers at Stockholm University, published in Nature Ecology and Evolution, shows that there is little ...

Plants & Animals May 03, 2021

An animal able to regenerate all of its organs even when it is dissected into three parts

An extraordinary discovery in the Gulf of Eilat: Researchers from Tel Aviv University have discovered a species of ascidian, a marine animal commonly found in the Gulf of Eilat, capable of regenerating all of its organs—even ...

Evolution Apr 29, 2021

Eastern and Western house mice took parallel evolutionary paths after colonizing US

The European house mouse has invaded nearly every corner of the Americas since it was introduced by colonizers a few hundred years ago, and now lives practically everywhere humans store their food.

Plants & Animals Apr 27, 2021

Marine biodiversity: Enormous variety of animal life in the deep sea revealed

Ecologists at the University of Cologne's Institute of Zoology have for the first time demonstrated the enormously high and also very specific species diversity of the deep sea in a comparison of 20 deep-sea basins in the ...

Plants & Animals Apr 27, 2021

Studying mangrove genetic diversity in Africa to conserve centers of biodiversity

In collaboration with researchers at the Vrije Universiteit Brussel, a University of Maryland (UMD) postdoctoral researcher recently co-published a large-scale study examining the genetic diversity of mangroves over more ...

Ecology Apr 27, 2021

Life in a 'wheatbelt oasis' in Western Australia

Western Australia's wheatbelt is a biodiversity desert, but the remaining wildlife—surviving in 'wheatbelt oases'—may offer insights for better conservation everywhere, according to researchers.

Plants & Animals Apr 26, 2021

Wolf packs don't actually have alpha males and alpha females, the idea is based on a misunderstanding

You may have heard that a wolf pack is led by an alpha pair.

Plants & Animals Apr 21, 2021

Dating in a jungle: Female praying mantises jut out weird pheromone gland to attract mates

It isn't only myriads of currently unknown species that await discovery in the Amazon rainforests. As a new study by German scientists at the Ruhr-University (Bochum) and the Bavarian State Collection of Zoology (Munich), ...

Plants & Animals Apr 21, 2021

Insect evolution was more complex than previously assumed

Certain signaling proteins, which are responsible for the development of innate immune function in almost all animals are also required for the formation of the dorsal-ventral (back-belly) axis in insect embryos. A new study ...

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