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Plants & Animals May 07, 2021

Animals laugh too, analysis of vocalization data suggests

Human laughter is common, but it's a somewhat mysterious part of our evolution. It's clear to evolutionary scholars that we laugh as a part of play, signaling our cooperation or friendliness. But how did laughter evolve? ...

Social Sciences May 06, 2021

Adults are more generous in the presence of children, new research shows

Most of us assume that we tend to be kinder towards children than we are to adults. Past research confirms this assumption, showing that we're more caring towards children, and that this effect even extends to being more ...

Plants & Animals Apr 29, 2021

Using AI to gauge the emotional state of cows and pigs

An animal scientist with Wageningen University & Research in the Netherlands has created an artificial-intelligence-based application that can gauge the emotional state of farm animals based on photographs taken with a smartphone. ...

Environment Apr 28, 2021

Socially just population policies can mitigate climate change and advance global equity

Socially just policies aimed at limiting the Earth's human population hold tremendous potential for advancing equity while simultaneously helping to mitigate the effects of climate change, Oregon State University researchers ...

Molecular & Computational biology Apr 28, 2021

The shape of light changes vision

Vision is a complex process that has been successfully deciphered by many disciplines—physics, biochemistry, physiology, neurology, etc.: The retina captures light, the optic nerve transmits electrical impulses to the brain, ...

Ecology Apr 28, 2021

Native American lawmakers seek federal help on Montana bison

Native American lawmakers in Montana on Tuesday called on the Biden administration to help craft a plan to reintroduce wild bison to the landscape in and around Glacier National Park and the Charles M. Russell National Wildlife ...

Plants & Animals Apr 26, 2021

Wolf packs don't actually have alpha males and alpha females, the idea is based on a misunderstanding

You may have heard that a wolf pack is led by an alpha pair.

Economics & Business Apr 19, 2021

New research finds tourism sector at risk from 'lone wolf' terror attacks

A groundbreaking piece of research has called for the tourism sector to urgently address shortcomings in its terrorism risk management—particularly with regard to the threat posed by dynamic 'lone wolf' attacks.

Astronomy Apr 13, 2021

'Yellowballs' offer new insights into star formation

A serendipitous discovery by citizen scientists has provided a unique new window into the diverse environments that produce stars and star clusters, revealing the presence of "stellar nurseries" before infant stars emerge ...

Paleontology & Fossils Apr 12, 2021

Shift in diet allowed gray wolves to survive ice-age extinction

Gray wolves are among the largest predators to have survived the extinction at the end of the last ice age around11,700 years ago. Today, they can be found roaming Yukon's boreal forest and tundra, with caribou and moose ...

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