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Archaeology Apr 12, 2021

Prehistoric Pacific Coast diets had salmon limits

Humans cannot live on protein alone—even for the ancient indigenous people of the Pacific Northwest whose diet was once thought to be almost all salmon.

Plants & Animals Feb 09, 2021

Scientists at work: New recordings of ultrasonic seal calls hint at sonar-like abilities

I'm sitting on the edge of a hole drilled through 15 feet of Antarctic sea ice, about to descend into the frigid ocean of the southernmost dive site in the world. I wear nearly 100 pounds of gear—a drysuit and gloves, multiple ...

Ecology Jan 14, 2021

Sea lion diagnosed with tuberculosis triggers public health concerns

Australian sea lions are an endangered species. New research suggests endemic tuberculosis might be another health threat facing the pinnipeds. Dr. Rachael Gray is working to help save our sea lions.

Earth Sciences Jan 06, 2021

Ice arches holding Arctic's 'last ice area' in place are at risk, researcher says

Snugged up against the upper edges of the Canadian Arctic Archipelago and Greenland lies the oldest and thickest sea ice in the world, covering hundreds of thousands of square kilometers of ocean. Arctic sea ice grows and ...

Plants & Animals Dec 21, 2020

Under Antarctica's ice, Weddell seals produce ultrasonic vocalizations

Weddell seals are chirping, whistling and trilling under Antarctica's ice at sound frequencies that are inaudible to humans, according to a research team led by University of Oregon biologists.

Archaeology Nov 16, 2020

Paleontologists uncover three new species of extinct walruses in Orange County

Millions of years ago, in the warm Pacific Ocean off the coast of Southern California, walrus species without tusks lived abundantly.

Environment Nov 11, 2020

Late-season Arctic research cruise reveals warm ocean temperatures, active ecosystem

Arctic researchers Jacqueline Grebmeier and Lee Cooper have been visiting the Bering and Chukchi seas off Alaska for nearly 30 years, collecting information about the biological diversity of the watery world under the sea ...

Ecology Nov 05, 2020

After election: making the endangered species act more effective

Following the presidential election, a leading group of scientists are making the case that a 'rule reversal' will not be sufficient to allow the Endangered Species Act to do its job. Instead, they're calling for deeper improvements ...

Ecology Jul 31, 2020

Beat the heat with a walrus retreat

Much of western Europe was sweltering in a heatwave on Friday, but visitors to one Belgian safari park could at least seek shelter in an igloo with a cool view.

Archaeology Jun 25, 2020

Bizarre saber-tooth predator from South America was no saber-tooth cat

A new study led by researchers from the University of Bristol has shown that not all saber-tooths were fearsome predators.

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