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Plants & Animals Nov 21, 2022

A regime shift in an Arctic marine ecosystem that's likely to become permanent

Findings of unexpected large numbers of fin and humpback whales in the previously ice infested waters of East Greenland now indicate a tipping point in the marine ecosystem from one regime to another that may be irreversible.

Evolution Oct 28, 2022

Social mammals evolve faster than solitary ones, according to new study of evolution

A groundbreaking new research project has analyzed the evolution of the placental mammal skull using 3D scans of 322 specimens housed in more than 20 international museum collections, and crafted a new model of how mammals ...

Plants & Animals Sep 14, 2022

Using eyes in the sky to locate seals in a rapidly changing Arctic

This summer, researchers managed to collect stunning drone images of both ringed seals and walruses. In one fjord, the St. Jonsfjorden, twelve ringed seals were found spread out throughout the fjord, resting on the fast ice. ...

Plants & Animals Sep 05, 2022

Albatrosses from space: Wildlife detectives needed

British Antarctic Survey (BAS) and RSPB are recruiting albatross detectives to help to search for wandering albatrosses in satellite images taken from space in an effort to learn more about how these sentinels of the sea ...

Ecology Aug 25, 2022

Why 'mercy' killing wild animals is so controversial

Two wild animals that strayed from their ordinary habitats and into close proximity to humans were recently killed in high-profile cases. The life of Freya the walrus was ended by officials in Oslo on August 14 2022, reportedly ...

Ecology Aug 14, 2022

Walrus that attracted crowds in Oslo fjord euthanised

A walrus nicknamed Freya that attracted crowds while basking in the Oslo fjord was euthanised on Sunday, with Norway officials saying it was the only option but experts slamming an "infinitely sad" decision.

Earth Sciences Jul 20, 2022

Researchers explore the impact of sea ice change in Bering Sea

The Bering Sea is the most productive ground fishery in the world, particularly for salmon, halibut and shellfish. About half of U.S. fish and shellfish come from that area and the fishing industry is the main driver of jobs ...

Archaeology Jun 16, 2022

Old Norse settlers traded walrus ivory with Kyiv

Archaeologists had low expectations when excavations started at 35 Spaska Street in Kyiv in 2007.

Plants & Animals Jun 09, 2022

'Fantastic giant tortoise,' believed extinct, confirmed alive in the Galápagos

A tortoise from a Galápagos species long believed extinct has been found alive. The tortoise, named Fernanda after her Fernandina Island home, is the first of her species identified in more than a century.

Other May 13, 2022

The Loch Ness monster: A modern history

Reports of Loch Ness monster sightings keep coming. The latest report, accompanied by a video, is of a 20–30ft long creature occasionally breaking the water's surface. Although the video clearly shows a moving v-shaped ...

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