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Earth Sciences Apr 29, 2021

Flies grow bigger up north: Insect size a promising new proxy for palaeoclimate

Scientists use many proxies to reconstruct Earth's ancient climates. Pollen, diatoms, geochemical isotopes and fossils, for example, all contribute to piecing together past-climate puzzles. The ubiquity and wide geographic ...

Astronomy Apr 24, 2021

A breakthrough astrophysics code rapidly models stellar collisions

A breakthrough astrophysics code, named Octo-Tiger, simulates the evolution of self-gravitating and rotating systems of arbitrary geometry using adaptive mesh refinement and a new method to parallelize the code to achieve ...

Ecology Apr 23, 2021

GPS tracking could help tigers and traffic coexist in Asia

More than 100,000 tigers ranged across Asia a century ago, from the Indian subcontinent to the Russian Far East. Today they are endangered, with only about 4,000 tigers left in the wild. The greatest threats they face are ...

Plants & Animals Apr 13, 2021

Megafauna extinction mystery unlocked

The rapid extinction of giant animals including wombat-like creatures as big as cars, birds more than two meters tall, and lizards more than seven meters long that once roamed the Australian continent is a puzzle that has ...

Ecology Apr 11, 2021

Rhino population in Nepal grows in conservation boost

Nepal's population of endangered one-horned rhinoceros has grown by more than a hundred over the past six years, officials said, with campaigners hailing the increase as a conservation "milestone".

Ecology Apr 08, 2021

Transforming crop and timber production could reduce species extinction risk by 40%

Ensuring sustainability of crop and timber production would mitigate the greatest drivers of terrestrial wildlife decline, responsible for 40% of the overall extinction risk of amphibians, birds and mammals, according to ...

Plants & Animals Apr 02, 2021

Neglected species: Conserving reptiles on the Caribbean critical list

Antigua has a beach for every day of the year. It's one of the mantras routinely trotted out in the tourist brochures. Ask the average person what images the word 'Caribbean' conjures up, and the clich├ęs will come quick ...

Ecology Mar 31, 2021

Snakes, rats and cats: the trillion dollar invasive species problem

Disease-carrying mosquitoes, crop-ravaging rodents, forest-eating insects and even the domestic cat are all "exotic" intruders whose cost to humanity and the environment is vast and growing, according to a sweeping study ...

Plants & Animals Mar 30, 2021

Ever wondered what red foxes eat? There's a database for that

Research into the diets of a large number of the world's carnivores has been made publicly available through a free, online database created by a Ph.D. student at the University of Sussex.

Plants & Animals Mar 26, 2021

Scientific food systems help biodiversity, livelihoods

The extraordinary recovery of stocks of the prized estuarine hilsa (Tenualosa ilisha) fish, following restrictions on fishing imposed by the Bangladesh government, offers a lesson in how a scientifically-managed 'food systems' ...

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