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Astronomy Apr 01, 2021

Distant, spiralling stars give clues to the forces that bind sub-atomic particles

Space scientists at the University of Bath in the UK have found a new way to probe the internal structure of neutron stars, giving nuclear physicists a novel tool for studying the structures that make up matter at an atomic ...

Earth Sciences Mar 31, 2021

NASA finds 2021 Arctic winter sea ice tied for seventh-lowest on record

Sea ice in the Arctic appears to have hit its annual maximum extent after growing through the fall and winter. The 2021 wintertime extent reached on March 21 ties with 2007's as the seventh-smallest extent of winter sea ice ...

Space Exploration Mar 25, 2021

NASA engineers analyze navigation needs of Artemis moon missions

Space communications and navigation engineers at NASA are evaluating the navigation needs for the Artemis program, including identifying the precision navigation capabilities needed to establish the first sustained presence ...

Astronomy Mar 15, 2021

About 7 interstellar objects pass through the inner solar system every year, study estimates

In October 19th, 2017, the first interstellar object ever detected flew past Earth on its way out of the solar system. Less than two years later, a second object was detected, an easily identified interstellar comet designated ...

Environment Mar 12, 2021

Health risk? More than 500,000 Americans live within 3 miles of natural gas flares

More than a half-million Americans are exposed to oil and gas "flaring" events—the burning off of excess natural gas at production sites—resulting in potentially serious health risks, according to new research from USC ...

General Physics Mar 11, 2021

Tracking cosmic ghosts

The idea was so far-fetched it seemed like science fiction: create an observatory out of a one cubic kilometer block of ice in Antarctica to track ghostly particles called neutrinos that pass through the Earth. But speaking ...

Ecology Mar 08, 2021

A bipartisan push could change state wildlife protection

Scientists say the world is on the precipice of a mass extinction. The United Nations estimates that 1 million species are on the verge of being wiped out, threatened by climate change, habitat loss, pollution, invasive species ...

Education Mar 06, 2021

Physics camp has proven benefits for high school girls

Even a small effort up front can boost the abilities and confidence of girls as they anticipate taking challenging science courses.

Space Exploration Mar 01, 2021

This is what rolling blackouts look like from space

Extreme winter weather hit Texas hard this February. An air mass from the arctic extended deep into the United States from Canada, with disastrous results for the ordinarily warm state. Along with snow and unusually low temperatures, ...

Environment Feb 04, 2021

Researchers study climate change impacts on soils at military installations

We walk over it, drive over it and build on it.

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