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Astronomy Oct 10, 2018

The threat of centaur solar system objects for the Earth

Astrophysicists Mattia Galiazzo and Rudolf Dvorak from the University of Vienna, in collaboration with Elizabeth A. Silber (Brown University, U.S.) investigated the long-term path development of centaurs, solar system minor ...

Astronomy Jun 18, 2013

Three centaurs follow Uranus through the solar system

Astrophysicists from the Complutense University of Madrid have confirmed that Crantor, a large asteroid with a diameter of 70 km has an orbit similar to that of Uranus and takes the same amount of time to orbit the Sun. Researchers ...

Space Exploration Feb 10, 2015

Dark Energy Camera unveils small objects in solar system

The 570-megapixel Dark Energy Camera, built at DOE's Fermilab and mounted on the 4-meter Victor Blanco Telescope in Chile, delivers some of the most detailed images of celestial objects. While about a third of the camera's ...

Space Exploration Oct 17, 2012

An interview with Voyager 2: At the edge of the solar system

Interviewing a spacecraft isn't something one does every day. It certainly wasn't an option back in the late 1970s, when Voyager 1 and 2 set off on a mission like no other before or since: to visit some of the most mysterious ...

Space Exploration Jul 25, 2013

NASA's Wise finds mysterious centaurs may be comets

The true identity of centaurs, the small celestial bodies orbiting the sun between Jupiter and Neptune, is one of the enduring mysteries of astrophysics. Are they asteroids or comets? A new study of observations from NASA's ...

Space Exploration Sep 14, 2015

The Lords of the Rings among centaurs

(—Chariklo, the largest known centaur object, orbiting in a region between Saturn and Uranus, is a very intriguing celestial body that surprised astronomers last year. This remote minor planet has unveiled the ...

Space Exploration Apr 27, 2017

First global simulation yields new insights into ring system

A team of researchers in Japan modeled the two rings around Chariklo, the smallest body in the Solar System known to have rings (Figure 1). This is the first time an entire ring system has been simulated using realistic sizes ...

Space Exploration Mar 26, 2014

First ring system around asteroid: Chariklo found to have two rings

Observations at many sites in South America have made the discovery that the asteroid Chariklo is surrounded by two dense and narrow rings. This is the smallest object by far found to have rings and only the fifth body in ...

Astronomy Mar 16, 2015

A second minor planet may possess Saturn-like rings

There are only five bodies in our solar system that are known to bear rings. The most obvious is the planet Saturn; to a lesser extent, rings of gas and dust also encircle Jupiter, Uranus, and Neptune. The fifth member of ...

Environment Nov 15, 2018

Adaptable, scalable and cost effective local solution to urban flooding prevention

Efforts to prevent urban flooding have often resulted in costly and complex systems based on rainfall forecasts which are often inaccurate. A new approach offers more agility, at a fraction of the investment.

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