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Ecology Nov 25, 2022

It's natural to want to feed wildlife after disasters. But it may not help

Over the past three years, Australians have been bombarded by natural disasters as record-breaking fires and monster floods hit communities hard.

Plants & Animals Nov 23, 2022

How great gray owls find prey under deep blankets of snow

A trio of researchers from the University of California, Discover Owls and the University of Washington has discovered how great gray owls are able to find and capture voles under two feet of snow. In their paper published ...

Ecology Nov 21, 2022

Study finds you should keep your cats inside for the sake of their health and the surrounding environment

The next time you crack your backdoor to let your cat outside for its daily adventure, you may want to think again. For a cat, the outdoors is filled with undesirable potential. Like the risks of catching and transmitting ...

Archaeology Nov 08, 2022

Making scents of the past by reproducing historical fragrances

Recreating long-faded smells from history to evoke the past is a new way to experience culture in museums and tours.

Archaeology Nov 08, 2022

Old bone links lost American parrot to ancient Indigenous bird trade

For centuries, Indigenous communities in the American Southwest imported colorful parrots from Mexico. But according to a study led by The University of Texas at Austin, some parrots may have been captured locally and not ...

Archaeology Nov 04, 2022

Neanderthals: How a carnivore diet may have led to their demise

Imagine that you have an unhealthy interest in your neighbors' lives. Unable to ask them directly, you rifle through their rubbish bins. You find the bones of cooked chickens and try and work out what else they eat.

Plants & Animals Nov 02, 2022

Fireworks: Growing evidence they distress animals builds case to restrict use

The crackle, fizz and bang of fireworks exploding overhead in a shower of intense colors is considered the highlight of many festivals and celebrations. But have you ever taken a moment to imagine how your local wildlife ...

Social Sciences Nov 01, 2022

How Gen Z are using the past to feel positive about the future

Gen Z loves nostalgia. Sentimentally for things of the past is not a new phenomenon nor is it an emotion reserved for Gen Z. But it would appear, judging by the amount of coverage on the topic, that Gen Z have got it bad. ...

Space Exploration Oct 31, 2022

China's 'space dream': A Long March to the Moon and beyond

China successfully launched the final module of its Tiangong space station on Monday, inching closer to completion by the end of the year and a landmark moment in the country's space ambitions.

Social Sciences Oct 26, 2022

Considering COVID a hoax is 'gateway' to belief in conspiracy theories

Belief that the COVID-19 pandemic was a hoax—that its severity was exaggerated or that the virus was deliberately released for sinister reasons—functions as a "gateway" to believing in conspiracy theories generally, new ...

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