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Space Exploration Nov 29, 2021

Solar Orbiter flies by Earth before beginning final journey to Sun

The Solar Orbiter space probe had a brief encounter with its home planet on Saturday morning when it circled the Earth for the first and last time while executing a gravity assist to slow itself down before setting off for ...

Astronomy Nov 29, 2021

Comet A1 Leonard brightens in December

Now is the time to start tracking Comet C/2021 A1 Leonard, as it starts its dawn dive sunward.

Earth Sciences Nov 16, 2021

Stratospheric balloons listen in on ground activity

Earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, and even severe weather events produce a medley of low-frequency infrasound waves below the range of human hearing. Researchers can investigate these sounds to gain a deeper understanding ...

Astronomy Nov 10, 2021

New model will help find Earth-like exoplanets

A new category of planet, known as eggshell planets, which orbit distant stars, have ultra-thin crusts too thin to sustain tectonics and will be hostile to life, according to a new international study involving the University ...

Space Exploration Nov 10, 2021

Meet VMS: The briefcase-sized chemistry lab headed to Venus

Short for Venus Mass Spectrometer, VMS is one of five instruments aboard the DAVINCI descent probe. Launching in 2029, DAVINCI will be the first US probe mission to enter Venus' atmosphere in over 40 years. The goal of the ...

Planetary Sciences Nov 03, 2021

Moons are planets too

What makes a planet a planet? The answer turns out to be rather contentious. The official definition of a planet, as defined by the International Astronomical Union (IAU) is that a planet must satisfy three conditions:

Planetary Sciences Oct 21, 2021

Ten mysteries of Venus

The surface of Venus is completely inhospitable for life: barren, dry, crushed under an atmosphere about 90 times the pressure of Earth's and roasted by temperatures two times hotter than an oven. But was it always that way? ...

Astronomy Oct 20, 2021

Astronomers detect signs of an atmosphere stripped from a planet in a giant impact

Young planetary systems generally experience extreme growing pains, as infant bodies collide and fuse to form progressively larger planets. In our own solar system, the Earth and moon are thought to be products of this type ...

Astronomy Oct 14, 2021

We've spotted a planet surviving its dying star – here's what it tells us about end of our Solar System

How will the solar system die? It's a hugely important question that researchers have considered deeply, using our knowledge of physics to create complex theoretical models. We know that the sun will eventually become a "white ...

Planetary Sciences Oct 13, 2021

Did Venus ever have oceans?

The planet Venus can be seen as the Earth's evil twin. At first sight, it is of comparable mass and size as our home planet, similarly consists mostly of rocky material, holds some water and has an atmosphere. Yet, a closer ...

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