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General Physics 9 hours ago

Flow of liquid metals found to exhibit surprising turbulence

Some metals are in liquid form, the prime example being mercury. But there are also enormous quantities of liquid metal in the Earth's core, where temperatures are so high that part of the iron is molten and undergoes complex ...

Astronomy May 19, 2022

The sun as you've never seen it before

Powerful flares, breathtaking views across the solar poles, and a curious solar "hedgehog" are among the haul of spectacular images, movies and data returned by Solar Orbiter from its first close approach to the sun. Although ...

Astronomy May 13, 2022

Black hole scientist: 'Wherever we look, we should see donuts'

Discovering something for the second time doesn't usually have scientists jump out of their seats with excitement. But that's exactly what happened in the case of Sgr A* (pronounced "sadge-ay-star"), the second black hole ...

Ecology May 06, 2022

Removing 'climber' plants doubles tree growth, and more conservation strategies

Protecting nature starts with science. Here's a roundup of recent scientific research published by Conservation International experts.

Earth Sciences Apr 28, 2022

Research team finds that some magmas originate from mantle portions containing remnants of Earth's earliest crust

In an international collaboration, Earth scientists at the University of Cologne and Freie Universit├Ąt Berlin have discovered that some magmas on Earth, which made their way through the deep terrestrial mantle and erupted ...

Planetary Sciences Apr 26, 2022

Mars may have less water than previously estimated

Researchers from the Oden Institute and Jackson School of Geosciences have developed an improved model for planet-wide groundwater flow prediction on Mars that is not only more accurate but, according to its author, more ...

Space Exploration Apr 25, 2022

Planetary Decadal Survey says it's time for a mission to Uranus (and Enceladus too)

Since 2002, the United States National Research Council (NRC) has released a publication that identifies objectives and makes recommendations for science missions for NASA, the National Science Foundation, and other government ...

Planetary Sciences Apr 21, 2022

Over 4 million photos taken from space chronicle change over time

These pictures depict the magnificent wonders of our planet, yet, they weren't taken anywhere on Earth. Instead, they were captured by astronauts aboard the International Space Station to chronicle the fragile beauty and ...

Planetary Sciences Apr 19, 2022

Space dust, asteroids and comets can account for all water on Mercury

Mercury harbors water ice in the shadows of the steepest craters around its poles. But it is unclear how those water molecules ended up on Mercury. Now a new simulation shows that incoming minor bodies such as asteroids, ...

Astronomy Mar 31, 2022

Research team proves Mercury has magnetic storms

An international team of scientists has proved that Mercury, our solar system's smallest planet, has geomagnetic storms similar to those on Earth.

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