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Space Exploration May 04, 2021

Parker discovers natural radio emission in Venus' atmosphere

During a brief swing by Venus, NASA's Parker Solar Probe detected a natural radio signal that revealed the spacecraft had flown through the planet's upper atmosphere. This was the first direct measurement of the Venusian ...

Astronomy May 03, 2021

Astronomers are watching a gas giant grow, right in front of their eyes

In the vastness of space, astronomers are likely to find instances of almost every astronomical phenomenon if they look hard enough. Many planetary phenomena are starting to come into sharper focus as the astronomy community ...

Astronomy Apr 29, 2021

How long is a day on Venus? Scientists crack mysteries of our closest neighbor

Venus is an enigma. It's the planet next door and yet reveals little about itself. An opaque blanket of clouds smothers a harsh landscape pelted by acid rain and baked at temperatures that can liquify lead.

Astronomy Apr 29, 2021

Hubble watches how a giant planet grows

Ever made a complete mess in your kitchen while baking? At moments it may look like flour is floating in the air, but once you've added plenty of water and formed your dough, the bread becomes more like a ball. A similar ...

Astronomy Apr 27, 2021

Astronomers detect new chemical signature in an exoplanet's atmosphere using Subaru Telescope

An international collaboration of astronomers led by a researcher from the Astrobiology Center and Queen's University Belfast has detected a new chemical signature in the atmosphere of an extrasolar planet—i.e., a planet ...

Astronomy Apr 23, 2021

The effects of solar flares on Earth's magnetosphere

Planet Earth is surrounded by a system of magnetic fields known as the magnetosphere. This vast, comet-shaped system deflects charged particles coming from the sun, shielding our planet from harmful particle radiation and ...

General Physics Apr 22, 2021

Using exoplanets as dark matter detectors

In the continuing search for dark matter in our universe, scientists believe they have found a unique and powerful detector: exoplanets.

Space Exploration Apr 22, 2021

NASA's Webb Telescope to study young exoplanets on the edge

Before planets around other stars were first discovered in the 1990s, these far-flung exotic worlds lived only in the imagination of science fiction writers.

Space Exploration Apr 21, 2021

Scientists find carbon-rich liquid water in ancient meteorite

Water is abundant in the solar system. Even beyond Earth, scientists have detected ice on the moon, in Saturn's rings and in comets, liquid water on Mars and under the surface of Saturn's moon Enceladus, and traces of water ...

Astronomy Apr 19, 2021

Giant planet at large distance from sun-like star puzzles astronomers

A team of astronomers led by Dutch scientists has directly imaged a giant planet orbiting at a large distance around a sun-like star. Why this planet is so massive and how it got to be there is a mystery. The researchers ...

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