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Social Sciences 26 minutes ago

How sex work has been affected by the pandemic

In the months before the pandemic, I was involved in an extensive piece of research into the sex work industry in the UK. Focusing on the main online market for sex work in the UK, AdultWork, we analyzed the profiles of more ...

General Physics 1 hour ago

New evidence for electron's dual nature found in a quantum spin liquid

A new discovery led by Princeton University could upend our understanding of how electrons behave under extreme conditions in quantum materials. The finding provides experimental evidence that this familiar building block ...

Environment May 12, 2021

Scientists offer look into life as Caribbean volcano erupted

The three scientists credited with helping save lives ahead of a recent explosive volcano eruption in the eastern Caribbean island of St. Vincent are known to locals simply as Richie, Rod and TC.

Education May 11, 2021

Sustaining technology-enhanced learning innovations in teachers' classroom practices

In the recent years Tallinn University has paid a lot of attention to becoming agile in business collaboration, including both local and international EdTech companies. Their collaboration with the company TTS Group started ...

General Physics May 11, 2021

Researchers use optical data to reveal the basic structure of spacetime in rotating frames

One of the most basic structural aspects of relativistic spacetime is the description of how time and distances are altered by motion. The theory of special relativity describes a spacetime framework for linear constant motion ...

Optics & Photonics May 10, 2021

THz emission spectroscopy reveals optical response of GaInN/GaN multiple quantum wells

A team of researchers at the Institute of Laser Engineering, Osaka University, in collaboration with Bielefeld University and Technical University Braunschweig in Germany, came closer to unraveling the complicated optical ...

Molecular & Computational biology May 07, 2021

A deeper understanding of how cells move and stick together

Observing how cells stick to surfaces and their motility is vitally important in the study of tissue maintenance, wound healing and even understanding how cancers progress. A new paper published in The European Physical Journal ...

Superconductivity May 05, 2021

Superconductivity, high critical temperature found in 2D semimetal tungsten nitride

Superconductivity in two-dimensional (2D) systems has attracted much attention in recent years, both because of its relevance to our understanding of fundamental physics and because of potential technological applications ...

Astronomy May 04, 2021

Study places new constraints on the time variation of gravitational constant G

Past physics theories introduced several fundamental constants, including Newton's constant G, which quantifies the strength of the gravitational interaction between two massive objects. Combined, these fundamental constants ...

Astronomy May 04, 2021

Gravitational-wave scientists propose new method to refine the Hubble Constant—the expansion and age of the universe

A team of international scientists, led by the Galician Institute of High Energy Physics (IGFAE) and the ARC Centre of Excellence for Gravitational Wave Discovery (OzGrav), has proposed a simple and novel method to bring ...

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