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Plants & Animals Apr 09, 2021

Biodiversity: We can map the biggest threats to endangered species in your local area

Since 1993, 15 species of bird and mammal are thought to have gone extinct, including China's Yangtze river dolphin and the Pernambuco pygmy owl from Brazil. But these recent examples are a tiny fraction of what scientists ...

Ecology Apr 08, 2021

Team cracks eggs for science

Avian brood parasites lay their eggs in the nests of other bird species, forcing the hosts to do the hard work of raising the unrelated young. A team of scientists wanted to simulate the task of piercing an egg—a tactic ...

Astronomy Apr 07, 2021

Radio telescope reveals thousands of star-forming galaxies in early Universe

The images capture drama billions of years ago in the early Universe—glinting galaxies, glowing with stars that have exploded into supernovas and blazing jets fired from black holes.

Ecology Apr 03, 2021

Births among endangered right whales highest since 2015

North Atlantic right whales gave birth over the winter in greater numbers than scientists have seen since 2015, an encouraging sign for researchers who became alarmed three years ago when the critically endangered species ...

Economics & Business Mar 31, 2021

International study shows alternative seafood networks provided resiliency during pandemic

Local alternative seafood networks (ASNs) in the United States and Canada, often considered niche segments, experienced unprecedented growth in the early months of the COVID-19 pandemic while the broader seafood system faltered, ...

Social Sciences Mar 24, 2021

Building a picture of fathers in the family justice system in England

The invisibility of dads who lose access to their children because of concerns about child neglect or their ability to provide safe care comes under the spotlight in new research.

Education Mar 17, 2021

New research explores why some voters are more susceptible to 'demagogue' candidates

Many low-education voters who embrace social welfare programs vote against their own beliefs, new UC Riverside research holds.

General Physics Mar 11, 2021

Robots learn faster with quantum technology

Artificial intelligence is part of our modern life by enabling machines to learn useful processes such as speech recognition and digital personal assistants. A crucial question for practical applications is how fast such ...

Ecology Mar 11, 2021

Pandemic crippling nature conservation efforts

The COVID-19 pandemic has not only had devastating effects on humans, it has also heavily impacted efforts to safeguard natural ecosystems and habitats around the globe, conservationists warned Thursday.

Plants & Animals Mar 10, 2021

Study offers insights into management of invasive paperbark trees

The paperbark tree (Melaleuca quinquenervia) was introduced to the U.S. from Australia in the 1900s. Unfortunately, it went on to become a weedy invader that has dominated natural landscapes across southern Florida, including ...

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