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Ecology May 08, 2021

Last wild macaw in Rio is lonely and looking for love

Some have claimed she's indulging a forbidden romance. More likely, loneliness compels her to seek company at Rio de Janeiro's zoo.

Biotechnology Apr 28, 2021

The Vertebrate Genomes Project introduces a new era of genome sequencing

The Vertebrate Genomes Project (VGP) today announces their flagship study and associated publications focused on genome assembly quality and standardization for the field of genomics. This study includes 16 diploid high-quality, ...

Plants & Animals Apr 28, 2021

Endangered swift parrots favor sons despite female shortage

New research from The Australian National University (ANU) shows female swift parrots can determine the sex of their offspring, and they are favoring boys over girls as they face diminished survival prospects in the wild.

Archaeology Mar 29, 2021

Mummified parrots point to trade in the ancient Atacama desert

Ancient Egyptians mummified cats, dogs, ibises and other animals, but closer to home in the South American Atacama desert, parrot mummies reveal that between 1100 and 1450 CE, trade from other areas brought parrots and macaws ...

Ecology Mar 29, 2021

Ant invasion: How pets become pests

When I was a teenager, I volunteered in the rainforest exhibit at an aquarium. A few times a week, we'd get a phone call from someone looking to donate a pet that they could no longer care for. Mostly turtles and frogs. The ...

Ecology Mar 23, 2021

Many New Zealand species are already at risk because of predators and habitat loss—climate change makes things worse

Islands are biodiversity hotspots. They are home to 20% of the world's plants and animals yet cover only 5% of the global landmass. But island ecosystems are highly vulnerable, threatened by habitat fragmentation and introduced ...

Plants & Animals Mar 02, 2021

Quick-learning cuttlefish pass 'the marshmallow test'

Much like the popular TikTok challenge where kids resist eating snacks, cuttlefish can do the same! Cuttlefish can delay gratification—wait for a better meal rather than be tempted by the one at hand—and those that can ...

Plants & Animals Feb 23, 2021

Saki monkeys get screen time for more control over their lives in captivity

Technology helps humans maintain connections, get work done, and relax after a long day. How it can best improve the lives of animals, particularly those in captivity, however, has remained an open question.

Economics & Business Feb 18, 2021

STEM skills gap modest among IT help desk workers

Workers with science, technology, engineering and math backgrounds are typically in high demand—but the demand isn't so overwhelming that a 'skills gap' exists in the labor market for information technology help desk workers, ...

Plants & Animals Feb 18, 2021

Eco-fusion is the new normal, as native and non-native species mix together

The ruddy duck, originally from North America, was introduced to Britain as an ornamental wildfowl in the 1940s and soon spread throughout the country. Only after a decade or more of expensive culling, has this non-native ...

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