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Plants & Animals Jun 7, 2023

Vaquitas still exist, but barely: sea 'panda' survey

The vaquita, a small porpoise on the verge of extinction, is still hanging in there, said scientists Wednesday who had spotted about a dozen specimens of Mexico's "panda of the sea" on an expedition in May.

Biotechnology May 17, 2023

Chemical 'supercharger' solves molecular membrane mystery

Assemblies of tiny molecular proteins span the membranes that encapsulate our cells, directing cellular activities and regulating the transport of materials and information in and out.

Plants & Animals Apr 19, 2023

Chinese panda on long-term loan to Thailand dies suddenly

A giant panda on long-term loan from China died in a zoo in northern Thailand on Wednesday, six months before she was due to return home, officials from the Chiang Mai Zoo said.

Plants & Animals Apr 11, 2023

Research uncovers how plants pass 'memory' of high carbon dioxide to their offspring

New research lead by Keith Slotkin, Ph.D., a member of the Donald Danforth Plant Science Center, opens the door for scientists to equip plants with the tools they need to adapt to rising levels of carbon dioxide (CO2), high ...

Plants & Animals Mar 29, 2023

Danish Zoo hopes to ignite panda romance

Concerned that its two pandas are slow to breed, Copenhagen Zoo has begun a new strategy to encourage mating—giving the prospective couple more time to get to know each other.

Plants & Animals Mar 23, 2023

Eels have fascinated us for ages—now we need to stop eating them, says researcher

Few animals have sparked humanity's curiosity as much as the eel (Anguilla anguilla). Until a recent past, this slimy, slippery, snake-shaped, incredibly agile fish inhabited virtually every body of water in Europe and Northern ...

Molecular & Computational biology Mar 15, 2023

New targeting opportunities discovered against canine distemper virus

The highly contagious canine distemper virus is dangerous to dogs and wild life animals. It is also closely related to the equally highly contagious measles virus. Researchers at the University of Bern and the Zurich University ...

Environment Feb 23, 2023

Global wildlife contaminated by 'forever chemicals'

From pandas to sea lions to tigers, hundreds of wildlife species across the globe are contaminated by potentially harmful "forever chemicals", according to a review of hundreds of peer-reviewed studies.

Plants & Animals Feb 21, 2023

Japan bids teary farewell to pandas sent to reserve in China

Japanese panda fans bid teary farewells to their idols Xiang Xiang, "super papa" Eimei and his twin daughters who were sent to China on Tuesday to swap their home at the zoo for a protected facility in Sichuan province.

Plants & Animals Feb 20, 2023

Japanese bid farewell to beloved panda returning to China

Thousands of Japanese fans, some wiping away tears, bid farewell to a beloved Japanese-born giant panda that made her final public appearance Sunday before flying to her home country, China.

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