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Plants & Animals 15 hours ago

Optimal breeding group sizes differ by sex in cooperative animals

The evolutionary pros and cons of group living vary for males and females, according to a study of ostriches reported today in eLife.

Ecology Aug 29, 2022

We've been tracking birds in a small Nigerian forest for 18 years—what we found and why it matters

If you live in Europe, you can find almost any statistic you like about the birds in the environment. How many there are of a species, where you find them, whether their population is increasing or decreasing. In some countries ...

Ecology Aug 23, 2022

Bird flu kills 700 black vultures, closes animal sanctuary

Bird flu has killed hundreds of wild black vultures at a Georgia sanctuary that houses more than 1,500 other animals.

Plants & Animals Jul 21, 2022

Not only are bird species going extinct, but they might also lose the features that make each species unique

Climate change is causing a mass extinction the likes of which has not been seen in recorded history. For birds, this biodiversity loss has implications beyond just species loss. In research publishing in the journal Current ...

Plants & Animals May 30, 2022

Ostriches can adapt to heat or cold, but not both

The ostrich is genetically wired to adapt to rising or falling temperatures. However, when the temperature fluctuates more often, as it does with climate change, the flightless bird with a 40-gram brain finds it much more ...

Archaeology May 25, 2022

The first Australians ate giant eggs of huge flightless birds, ancient proteins confirm

Proteins extracted from fragments of prehistoric eggshell found in the Australian sands confirm that the continent's earliest humans consumed the eggs of a two-meter tall bird that disappeared into extinction over 47,000 ...

Evolution Apr 01, 2022

T. rex's short arms may have lowered risk of bites during feeding frenzies

Over the two decades paleontologist Kevin Padian taught a freshman seminar called The Age of Dinosaurs, one question asked frequently by undergraduates stuck with him: Why are the arms of Tyrannosaurus rex so ridiculously ...

Archaeology Mar 01, 2022

Did a tough environment shape the evolution of human creativity?

Between the time when early modern humans emerged in Africa and when they spread around the globe, they developed complex behaviors that enabled them—and us—to adapt and thrive in new environments.

Evolution Feb 24, 2022

Ancient DNA helps reveal the social changes in Africa 50,000 years ago that shaped the human story

Every person alive on the planet today is descended from people who lived as hunter-gatherers in Africa.

Other Feb 10, 2022

New book examines how science and tech shaped South African history

As historians, we have both been immersed for many years in trying to understand and write about South Africa's complex, conflictual history. Conquest, colonial domination and racial division in the shape of apartheid played ...

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