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Optics & Photonics Sep 21, 2023

Achromatic diffractive liquid-crystal optics for virtual reality displays

As a promising candidate for the next-generation mobile platform, mixed reality (MR) such as Apple Vision Pro and Meta Quest Pro (both are passthrough virtual reality headsets) has the potential to revolutionize the way we ...

Space Exploration Oct 25, 2023

Engineers improve NASA lidar tech for exploration

Lidar technology improvements will help NASA scientists and explorers with remote sensing and surveying, mapping, 3D-image scanning, hazard detection and avoidance, and navigation.

Optics & Photonics Oct 24, 2022

Meta-lens offers superior off-axis focus

An ultrathin dielectric meta-lens has been created that improves focusing capabilities but can also be scaled down to a tiny size for integration with photonics equipment.

Optics & Photonics Jul 27, 2021

Researchers create powerful quantum source with meta-lens array

Researchers for the first time have demonstrated a quantum light source based on a meta-lens array. The approach offers a promising platform for both high-dimensional photon entanglement and the coherent control of multiple ...

Optics & Photonics Oct 3, 2018

Revolutionary ultra-thin 'meta-lens' enables full-color imaging

Light of different colors travels at different speeds in different materials and structures. This is why we see white light split into its constituent colors after refracting through a prism, a phenomenon called dispersion. ...

Optics & Photonics Jun 2, 2016

Meta-lens works in the visible spectrum, sees smaller than a wavelength of light

Curved lenses, like those in cameras or telescopes, are stacked in order to reduce distortions and resolve a clear image. That's why high-power microscopes are so big and telephoto lenses so long.

Optics & Photonics Feb 9, 2017

Meta-lenses bring benchtop performance to small, hand-held spectrometer

A research team of physicists from Harvard University has developed new hand-held spectrometers capable of the same performance as large, benchtop instruments. The researchers' innovation explained this week in APL Photonics, ...

Nanophysics May 10, 2017

Immersion meta-lenses at visible wavelengths for nanoscale imaging

A team of researchers from the Harvard John A. Paulson School of Engineering and Applied Sciences (SEAS) has developed the first flat lens for immersion microscopy. This lens, which can be designed for any liquid, may provide ...

Optics & Photonics Apr 23, 2018

Delivering VR in perfect focus with nanostructure meta-lenses

If wearing a virtual reality or augmented reality headset is ever to become commonplace, hardware manufacturers will need to figure out how to make the devices small and lightweight while ensuring their images are sharp and ...

Optics & Photonics Jan 4, 2021

Convex to concave: More metasurface moiré results in wide-range lens

The odd, wavy pattern that results from viewing certain phone or computer screens through polarized glasses has led researchers to take a step toward thinner, lighter-weight lenses. Called moiré, the pattern is made by laying ...

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