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Plants & Animals 10 hours ago

Video footage provides first detailed observation of orcas hunting white sharks in South Africa

The first direct evidence of orcas killing white sharks in South Africa has been captured by both a helicopter and drone pilot, and a new open-access paper published today in The Ecological Society of America's journal Ecology ...

Cell & Microbiology 12 hours ago

'Kipferl': Guiding the defense against jumping genes

A large part of our DNA is made up of selfish repetitive DNA elements, some of which can jump from one site in the genome to another, potentially damaging the genome. Researchers from the Institute of Molecular Biotechnology ...

Plants & Animals 21 hours ago

Australia lists small wallaby among new endangered species

Australia listed a small wallaby and the grey snake among 15 new threatened species on Tuesday as it launched a zero-extinction plan for its unique wildlife.

Ecology Oct 03, 2022

Long-term tracking of whale feeding behavior via satellite is now possible with new tag

Oregon State University researchers have developed a new satellite tag that allows them to better track whales' behavior, including previously unobservable feeding events during dives.

Earth Sciences Oct 03, 2022

New research demonstrates connection between climate and Earth's ability to replenish itself

Some 250 million years ago—long before dinosaurs roamed the earth—global warming and acid oceans caused by the rapid volcanic emission of the Siberian Traps led to the Permian-Triassic mass extinction, which resulted ...

Space Exploration Oct 03, 2022

Studying yeast DNA in space may help protect astronauts from cosmic radiation

Nuclear fusion reactions in the sun are the source of heat and light we receive on Earth. These reactions release a massive amount of cosmic radiation—including X-rays and gamma rays—and charged particles that can be ...

Evolution Oct 03, 2022

How do bacteria evolve in the gut over the course of a year?

Our bodies go through several changes throughout our lives. The same happens with the microbes that live with us. After all, these make up a big portion of the cells in our organism. But, in comparison with the cells that ...

Ecology Oct 03, 2022

What is a wetland? An ecologist explains

Wetlands are areas of land that are covered by water, or have flooded or waterlogged soils. They can have water on them either permanently or for just part of the year.

Cell & Microbiology Oct 03, 2022

Researchers identify key player in cellular response to stress

An enzyme called Fic, whose biochemical role was discovered at UT Southwestern more than a dozen years ago, appears to play a crucial part in guiding the cellular response to stress, a new study suggests. The findings, published ...

Paleontology & Fossils Oct 01, 2022

A kung-fu kick led researchers to the world's oldest complete fish fossils. Here's what they found

Some of the world's most significant fossil discoveries have come from China. These include amazing feathered dinosaurs, the earliest modern mammals, and some of the oldest-known animals on Earth.

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