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Plants & Animals Sep 24, 2022

How many ants are on Earth? 20 quadrillion, study says

There are at least 20 quadrillion ants on Earth, according to a new study that says even that staggering figure likely underestimates the total population of the insects, which are an essential part of ecosystems around the ...

Plants & Animals Sep 23, 2022

Bumblebees can be classified as 'fish' under California conservation law, court says

In a move that could allow a broad range of insects to be considered for endangered species status, the state Supreme Court has found that California bumblebees can be protected under the law as a type of fish.

Plants & Animals Sep 20, 2022

Earth harbours 20,000,000,000,000,000 ants. And they weigh more than wild birds and mammals combined

Have you ever wondered exactly how many ants live on Earth? Possibly not, but it's certainly a question we've asked ourselves.

Plants & Animals Sep 19, 2022

How many ants are there on Earth?

How many stars are there in our galaxy? How many grains of sand in the Sahara? How many ants live on Earth? These are all questions that seem impossible to answer. However, through intensive and extensive data analysis, science ...

Plants & Animals Sep 19, 2022

What constitutes a mind? Researcher challenges perceptions of sentience with the smallest of creatures

At the beginning of my research career around 15 years ago, any suggestion that a bee, or any invertebrate, had a mind of its own or that it could experience the world in an intricate and multifaceted way would be met with ...

Plants & Animals Sep 15, 2022

The medicine of ants: Rescue and treatment of injured individuals

The African Matabele ant (Megaponera analis) lives dangerously when hunting able-bodied termites. However, the animals do not simply give up their wounded. Depending on the degree of injury, they rescue and treat them. Injured ...

Plants & Animals Sep 14, 2022

How do ants crawl on walls? A biologist explains their sticky, spiky, gravity-defying grip

How do ants crawl on walls?—Ethan, age 9, Dallas, Texas

Ecology Sep 14, 2022

Researchers identify combination of factors for organic cacao yield

In the cultivation of organic cacao, many factors determine the yield. An international research team with scientists from the universities of Würzburgh and Göttingen has now identified important players and their combined ...

Ecology Sep 14, 2022

Tropical insects are extremely sensitive to changing climates

Insects that are adapted to perennially wet environments, like tropical rainforests, don't tend to do well when their surroundings dry out. New research published this Wednesday indicates they may be equally averse to heavy ...

Plants & Animals Sep 05, 2022

Wax on the body surface of ants simultaneously optimizes two essential requirements

The survival of an ant colony depends on its members being able to distinguish their own nestmates from ants of a foreign—and possibly hostile—colony. This so-called nestmate recognition is based on scents emitted by ...

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