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Plants & Animals 12 hours ago

Losing flight had huge benefits for ants, new study finds

Ants are one of the most successful groups of animals on the planet, occupying anywhere from temperate soil to tropical rainforests, desert dunes and kitchen counters. They're social insects and their team-working abilities ...

Plants & Animals Oct 08, 2020

Ants adapt tool use to avoid drowning

Researchers have observed black imported fire ants using sand to draw liquid food out of containers, when faced with the risk of drowning. This is the first time this sophisticated tool use has been reported in animals. These ...

Ecology Oct 08, 2020

Pollinator monitoring more than pays for itself

Monitoring schemes to count bees and other pollinating insects provide excellent value for money, and could help save species and protect UK food security, researchers have found.

Plants & Animals Sep 30, 2020

Spring is here and wattles are out in bloom: A love letter to our iconic flowers

Spring has arrived, and all over the country the hills and riversides are burnished with the green and gold of Australian wattles, all belonging to the genus Acacia.

Plants & Animals Sep 10, 2020

Odors produced by soil microbes attract red fire ants to safer nest sites

Newly mated queens of the red fire ant select nest sites with a relatively low pathogen risk by detecting odors produced by soil bacteria that inhibit the growth of ant-infecting fungi, according to a study published September ...

Evolution Sep 02, 2020

Origin of a complex life form revealed

Researchers from McGill University have revealed the steps by which two very distinct organisms—bacteria and carpenter ants—have come to depend on one another for survival to become a single complex life form. The study, ...

Plants & Animals Sep 01, 2020

Brazilian researchers complete sequencing of native stingless bee genome

A consortium of researchers funded by Brazil's National Council for Scientific and Technological Development and FAPESP has sequenced the genome of Frieseomelitta varia, a native stingless bee (common name: marmelada). The ...

Ecology Aug 27, 2020

Reduce insecticide spraying by using ant pheromones to catch crop pests

Scientists at the Universities of Bath and Sussex have developed a new system that slowly releases ant pheromones to attract pests to an insecticide bait. This means that instead of spraying the whole crop with pesticides, ...

Plants & Animals Aug 19, 2020

Termite-fishing chimpanzees provide clues to the evolution of technology

Researchers, who remotely videotaped a generation of wild chimpanzees learning to use tools, gain insights into how technology came to define human culture.

Plants & Animals Aug 19, 2020

What can ants and termites teach us about fighting disease?

You live in a crowded underground city with everyone you know. A relative comes home, and you can tell that they've been exposed to something that could get you all sick. Unchecked, a disease could wipe out your whole civilization. ...

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