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Quantum Physics Mar 18, 2021

Scientists take step towards quantum supremacy

A Russian-German research team has created a quantum sensor that grants access to measurement and manipulation of individual two-level defects in qubits. The study by NUST MISIS, Russian Quantum Center and the Karlsruhe Institute ...

Quantum Physics Mar 15, 2021

Rare open-access quantum computer now operational

A new Department of Energy open-access quantum computing testbed is ready for the public. Scientists from Indiana University recently became the first team to begin using Sandia National Laboratories' Quantum Scientific Computing ...

General Physics Mar 10, 2021

Creating a new type of computing that's 'naturally probabilistic'

"You see, nature is unpredictable. How do you expect to predict it with a computer?" said American physicist Richard Feynman before computer scientists at a conference in 1981.

Social Sciences Mar 08, 2021

Research explores promoting public trust in AI

The public doesn't need to know how Artificial Intelligence works to trust it. They just need to know that someone with the necessary skillset is examining AI and has the authority to mete out sanctions if it causes or is ...

Planetary Sciences Feb 25, 2021

Titan's atmosphere recreated in an Earth laboratory

Beyond Earth, the general scientific consensus is that the best place to search for evidence of extraterrestrial life is Mars. However, it is by no means the only place. Aside from the many extrasolar planets that have been ...

Optics & Photonics Feb 22, 2021

Optical frequency combs with a new dimension

Periodic pulses of light forming a comb in the frequency domain are widely used for sensing and ranging. The key to the miniaturization of this technology toward chip-integrated solutions is the generation of dissipative ...

General Physics Feb 18, 2021

Engineers place molecule-scale devices in precise orientation

Engineers have developed a technique that allows them to precisely place microscopic devices formed from folded DNA molecules in not only a specific location but also in a specific orientation.

Environment Feb 18, 2021

Amazon's Climate Pledge gains 20 members, including two based in Seattle

IBM and 19 other companies have joined Amazon's Climate Pledge, committing to neutralize their carbon emissions, Amazon announced Wednesday. The new signatories include Seattle-based companies MiiR, the upscale thermos manufacturer, ...

Quantum Physics Feb 15, 2021

New physics rules tested on quantum computer

Aalto researchers have used an IBM quantum computer to explore an overlooked area of physics, and have challenged 100-year-old notions about information at the quantum level.

Quantum Physics Feb 12, 2021

Applying quantum computing to a particle process

A team of researchers at Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory (Berkeley Lab) used a quantum computer to successfully simulate an aspect of particle collisions that is typically neglected in high-energy physics experiments, ...

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