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Bio & Medicine May 05, 2021

Like a Trojan horse, graphene oxide can act as a carrier of organic pollutants to fish

Graphene is a two-dimensional nanomaterial composed of carbon and formed by a single layer of densely packed carbon atoms. The high mechanical strength and significant electrical and thermal properties of graphene mean that ...

Archaeology May 03, 2021

Unique Bronze Age find just south of Alingsås

A unique Bronze Age find was made on 8 April in a wooded area just to the south of the town of Alingsås. Following an archaeological examination by among others Johan Ling, Professor of Archaeology at the University of Gothenburg ...

Plants & Animals Apr 29, 2021

How donkeys digging wells help life thrive in the desert

For thousands of years, horses and donkeys have been some of our species' most important partners.

Cell & Microbiology Apr 29, 2021

Gut fungi: Unexpected source of novel chemicals

Anaerobic fungi, which die in the presence of oxygen, dwell in herbivore guts and help them digest their last leafy meal. In their evolutionary history, these fungi branched off early from aerobic fungi, which can breathe ...

Quantum Physics Apr 29, 2021

Blueprint for a robust quantum future

Claiming that something has a defect normally suggests an undesirable feature. That's not the case in solid-state systems, such as the semiconductors at the heart of modern classical electronic devices. They work because ...

Polymers Apr 27, 2021

Nature provides inspiration for breakthrough in self-regulating materials

Scientists have long sought to invent materials that can respond to the external world in predictable, self-regulating ways. Now, new research conducted at the University of Massachusetts Amherst and appearing in the Proceedings ...

Ecology Apr 23, 2021

Wild horses flourish in Chernobyl 35 years after explosion

Down an overgrown country road, three startled wild horses with rugged coats and rigid manes dart into the flourishing overgrowth of their unlikely nature reserve: the Chernobyl exclusion zone.

Plants & Animals Apr 22, 2021

Dormice may have hibernated as early as 34 million years ago

In analyzing rodent fossils, scientists funded by the Swiss National Science Foundation have come up with a novel hypothesis: hibernation was a survival strategy 34 million years ago.

Other Apr 20, 2021

Reliably detecting cocoa off-flavors

Musty, moldy, smoky or horse dung-like smelling cocoa is not suitable for chocolate production. As part of a larger research project, a team of scientists led by Martin Steinhaus from the Leibniz Institute for Food Systems ...

Plants & Animals Apr 19, 2021

Where's my horse-sized rabbit?

Next to cat videos, watching small and cuddly rabbits is probably one of the most popular internet pastimes. Plus they appear in literature as well as in traditional folklore spanning numerous cultures, thanks likely to the ...

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