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Evolution 18 hours ago

Proposed global initiative to study female health across species

Giraffes have the highest blood pressure of all mammals—up to 300/200, more than double that of a typical human. But pregnant giraffes don't suffer from pre-eclampsia, a dangerous disorder caused by hypertension.

Paleontology & Fossils May 19, 2022

Unexpected differences between males and females in fossil mouse deer

Mouse deer are among the smallest ruminants in the world. Today, they live in the tropics of Africa and Asia and are barely larger than hares. Males and females differ little in appearance. But that was not the case about ...

Veterinary medicine May 12, 2022

Bracing for her future: Human medicine rescues giraffe

Over the past three decades Ara Mirzaian has fitted braces for everyone from Paralympians to children with scoliosis. But Msituni was a patient like none other—a newborn giraffe.

Plants & Animals May 09, 2022

Nonlethal parasites reduce how much their wild hosts eat, leading to ecosystem effects

A new study led by Washington University in St. Louis uses a mathematical model and a global meta-analysis to highlight the cascading consequences of common parasitic infections in wild animals on terrestrial ecosystems.

Molecular & Computational biology Apr 13, 2022

Mutations across animal kingdom shed new light on aging

The first study to compare the accumulation of mutations across many animal species has shed new light on decades-old questions about the role of these genetic changes in aging and cancer. Researchers from the Wellcome Sanger ...

Ecology Mar 21, 2022

Discovering the forest wonders of Africa, and the threats they face

Africa's forests are some of the natural wonders of the world. As someone who has spent decades studying the ecology and management of tropical forests, I'm constantly amazed by the unique forest ecosystems on the continent.

Plants & Animals Mar 14, 2022

Bush-encroaching sickle bush is preferred food of giraffes

A native bush-encroaching shrub species called Sickle Bush (Dichrostachys cinerea) is disliked by livestock keepers and rangeland managers, but loved as forage by wild giraffes, according to research published this week in ...

Molecular & Computational biology Mar 10, 2022

Inclusive new tool makes genomic research better reflect world's diversity

Scientists have developed a powerful, inclusive new tool for genomic research that boosts efforts to develop more precise treatments for many diseases by leveraging a better representation of the genetic diversity of people ...

Plants & Animals Mar 08, 2022

Animals evolved the ability to gallop 472 million years ago

Few human adults gallop; the equine gait tends to be the preserve of little kids mimicking horses or exercise classes. But for camels, lions and giraffes, galloping is a key fixture of their repertoire as they shift up through ...

Plants & Animals Mar 04, 2022

Large mammals can help climate change mitigation and adaptation

A new study investigates whether protecting and restoring large animal wildlife can help to support climate change goals.

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