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General Physics Oct 20, 2020

Microscopy with undetected photons in the mid-infrared region

Microscopy techniques that incorporate mid-infrared (IR) illumination holds tremendous promise across a range of biomedical and industrial applications due to its unique biochemical specificity. However, the method is primarily ...

Materials Science Aug 28, 2020

Laser writing of nitrogen-doped silicon carbide for biological modulation

In materials science, conducting and semiconducting materials can be embedded in insulating polymeric substrates for useful biointerface applications. However, it is challenging to achieve the composite configuration directly ...

Materials Science Aug 27, 2020

Engineers use heat-free technology to make metallic replicas of a rose's surface texture

Nature has worked for eons to perfect surface textures that protect, hide and otherwise help all kinds of creatures survive.

Materials Science Jun 04, 2020

Alternative cement recipes—A recipe for eco-concrete

It is the most widely used product in the world. Cement is indispensable yet its reputation has become quite tainted in the course of the ongoing climate debate. Mixed with water, sand and gravel, it results in concrete, ...

Economics & Business May 28, 2020

Will movie theaters survive COVID-19?

The season of blockbusters is upon us, but theaters have been empty for months—and it's unclear what they'll show, or who will come, when they reopen. Derek Long focuses on the history of the film industry, in particular ...

Bio & Medicine Dec 16, 2019

Plasma ionization-based 3-D titania nanofiber-like webs to enhance bioreactivity and osteoconductivity of biomaterials

In a new study published on Scientific Reports, Mohammad-Hossein Beigi and a research team in the departments of Engineering and Applied Science and Cellular Biotechnology in Canada and Iran described a new method to form ...

General Physics Dec 09, 2019

Shape-programmable dielectric liquid crystal elastomer actuators

Materials scientists aim to use bioinspired soft robots to carry out advanced interactions between humans and robots, but the associated technology remains to be developed. For example, soft actuators must perform quickly ...

Bio & Medicine Nov 25, 2019

Determining topographical radiation dose profiles using gel nanosensors

The routine measurement of radiation doses can be clinically challenging due to limitations with conventional dosimeters used to measure the dose uptake of external ionizing radiation. In a new study, Karthik Pushpavanam ...

General Physics Nov 04, 2019

Extending electron paramagnetic resonance (EPR) spectroscopy to nanoliter volume protein single crystals

Biochemists can use electron paramagnetic resonance (EPR) on protein single crystals to determine the ultimate electronic structure of paramagnetic protein intermediates and investigate the relative magnetic tensor to a molecular ...

Astronomy Oct 10, 2019

Milky Way raids intergalactic 'bank accounts,' Hubble study finds

Our Milky Way is a frugal galaxy. Supernovas and violent stellar winds blow gas out of the galactic disk, but that gas falls back onto the galaxy to form new generations of stars. In an ambitious effort to conduct a full ...

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