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Molecular & Computational biology 13 hours ago

Genetic study uncovers clues to explain how killifish stop aging during diapause

A team of researchers at Stanford University working with others from the Stowers Institute for Medical Research, the Howard Hughes Medical Institute and The University of British Columbia has uncovered some clues regarding ...

Economics & Business 12 hours ago

Social accounting, a different perspective when analysing public spending efficiency

The interest expressed by the general public in social aspects is constantly growing and there are more and more companies and organisations that want to know what social contribution they make. The tool used to analyse this ...

Molecular & Computational biology 11 hours ago

The strategy of cells to deal with the accumulation of misfolded proteins is identified

A new article by the Oxidative Stress and Cell Cycle research group at UPF identifies the main strategy of cells to deal with the accumulation of misfolded proteins. In the paper, published today in the journal Cell Reports, ...

Earth Sciences 12 hours ago

Greener spring, warmer air

Advanced leaf-out, or early sprouting and opening of leaves, is a direct response to climate change. In the northern hemisphere, leaf-out has advanced at a rate of 4-5 days per decade on average since 1980s, according to ...

Condensed Matter 12 hours ago

Scientists crack the mystery of liquid light interactions in organic materials

A team of scientists from the Hybrid Photonics Laboratory at the Skolkovo Institute of Science and Technology (Skoltech) and the University of Sheffield (UK) made a breakthrough in understanding nonlinear physics of the strong ...

Social Sciences 13 hours ago

Researchers examine how stereotypes of older adults impact jury duty

Although some may try to avoid jury duty, it's still regarded as a valuable contribution to society.

Plants & Animals 14 hours ago

Seafloor images reveal the secret lives of sponges

You might think that deep-sea sponges would be about as active as the one sitting in your kitchen sink. But when it comes to motion at the bottom of the ocean, there is more than meets the eye. Time-lapse photography taken ...

Analytical Chemistry 14 hours ago

Aerosol optical tweezers advance understanding of airborne particles

Two studies led by faculty in Carnegie Mellon University's Center for Atmospheric Particle Studies show how aerosol optical tweezing can allow scientists to scrutinize the components of the atmosphere with new precision.

Plants & Animals 16 hours ago

Smaller animals faced surprisingly long odds in ancient oceans

A new fossil study from Stanford University shows extinction was unexpectedly common among smaller sea creatures in the deep past.

Optics & Photonics 11 hours ago

A step towards controlling spin-dependent petahertz electronics by material defects

The operational speed of semiconductors in various electronic and optoelectronic devices is limited to several gigahertz (a billion oscillations per second). This constrains the upper limit of the operational speed of computing. ...

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