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Earth Sciences Oct 14, 2021

The Southern Ocean's role in driving global carbon cycle stronger than expected

The Southern Ocean's role in driving the global carbon cycle may be stronger than expected as the biological carbon pump is not "switched off" in winter as previously thought.

Environment Oct 09, 2021

California oil pipeline could have been leaking a year: investigators

A fractured pipeline that spewed crude oil off the coast of California could have been leaking for a year, US investigators said Friday.

Plants & Animals Oct 05, 2021

Large aquatic animals are at risk due to the loss of free-flowing rivers

The loss of free-flowing rivers has posed advert impacts on freshwater biodiversity worldwide—and more than 3,400 hydropower plants with over one megawatt design capacity are either planned or under construction, leading ...

Environment Oct 04, 2021

Oil spills have marred the California coast and shaped its politics

California's distaste for offshore drilling dates back to 1969, when a devastating oil spill off the coast of Santa Barbara shocked the public and galvanized the modern environmental movement.

Plants & Animals Oct 04, 2021

Emerging environmental contaminants of concern in NZ dolphins

Scientists have revealed emerging environmental contaminants of concern within New Zealand dolphins, with similar pollution levels to Japan despite government restrictions on the use of toxic substances.

Environment Oct 04, 2021

California rushes to contain oil spill as wildlife, beaches hit

A huge oil spill was killing wildlife and threatening California's beaches on Monday, in what officials said amounted to an "environmental catastrophe."

Plants & Animals Sep 30, 2021

Whale migration in our noisy oceans

The long-distance migrations performed by groups of animals offer some of the most spectacular natural phenomena on our planet.

Ecology Sep 29, 2021

US bans swimming with Hawaii's nocturnal spinner dolphins

U.S. regulators on Tuesday banned swimming with Hawaii's spinner dolphins to protect the nocturnal animals from people seeking close encounters with the playful species.

Ecology Sep 28, 2021

Is climate change altering the marine food web?

Climate change is redistributing biodiversity globally, and distributional shifts of organisms often follow the speed and direction of environmental changes. Research by scientists at Stony Brook University's School of Marine ...

Plants & Animals Sep 23, 2021

New York waters may be an important, additional feeding area for large whales

A new study finds that that some large whale species (humpback, fin and minke whales) use the waters off New York and New Jersey as a supplemental feeding area feasting on two different types of prey species. 

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