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Plants & Animals 2 hours ago

Deep-sea coral gardens discovered in canyons off Australia's South West

Stunning 'gardens' of deep-sea corals have been discovered in the Bremer Canyon Marine Park by Australian and international scientists during an oceanographic expedition aboard Schmidt Ocean Institute's R/V Falkor.

Plants & Animals Feb 24, 2020

Research: Algal bloom neurotoxin found during non-bloom periods

A potent neurotoxin that has long been associated with mass die-offs of marine mammals during harmful algal blooms has been detected in bottlenose dolphins from the Indian River Lagoon estuary.

Plants & Animals Feb 26, 2020

Vertical fibers in the suckerfish's suction cup-like fin help it hitchhike

As the hitchhikers of the marine world, the remora fish is well known for getting free rides by gripping onto hosts with its suction disc, a highly modified dorsal fin on its head. Now, work investigating the suction disc—appearing ...

Plants & Animals Feb 21, 2020

Why do whales migrate? They return to the tropics to shed their skin, scientists say

Whales undertake some of the longest migrations on earth, often swimming many thousands of miles, over many months, to breed in the tropics. The question is why—is it to find food, or to give birth?

Plants & Animals Feb 10, 2020

Dolphins gather in female family groups

Social clusters including mothers' groups play an important role in the life of southern Australian bottlenose dolphins, a new study shows.

Plants & Animals Feb 20, 2020

What makes dogs so special? Science says love

The idea that animals can experience love was once anathema to the psychologists who studied them, seen as a case of putting sentimentality before scientific rigor.

Ecology Feb 19, 2020

Whale cams track swimming efficiency of ocean giants

The relatively squat and gangly humpback whale moves more efficiently through the water than its sleeker, larger cousin, the blue whale, according to new research that used devices attached to the animals to collect information ...

Plants & Animals Feb 19, 2020

Emergency Recovery Plan could halt catastrophic collapse in world's freshwater biodiversity

With biodiversity vanishing from rivers, lakes and wetlands at alarming speed, a new scientific paper outlines an Emergency Recovery Plan to reverse the rapid decline in the world's freshwater species and habitats—and safeguard ...

Archaeology & Fossils Feb 13, 2020

Boom and bust for ancient sea dragons

A new study by scientists from the University of Bristol's School of Earth Sciences, shows a well-known group of extinct marine reptiles had an early burst in their diversity and evolution—but that a failure to adapt in ...

Plants & Animals Jan 29, 2020

Blind as a bat? The genetic basis of echolocation in bats and whales

Clicks, squeaks, chirps, and buzzes...though they may be difficult to distinguish to our ears, such sounds are used by echolocating animals to paint a vivid picture of their surroundings. By generating a sound and then listening ...

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