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Cell & Microbiology Feb 10, 2020

Coronavirus outbreak raises question: Why are bat viruses so deadly?

It's no coincidence that some of the worst viral disease outbreaks in recent years—SARS, MERS, Ebola, Marburg and likely the newly arrived 2019-nCoV virus—originated in bats.

Ecology Jan 16, 2020

Banking on a new community isotope database

Stable isotopes act like fingerprints or fibers in forensics, capturing details of where someone or something lived, what it ate or breathed, and how its environment changed over time.

Optics & Photonics Jan 16, 2020

Deep learning enables real-time imaging around corners

Researchers have harnessed the power of a type of artificial intelligence known as deep learning to create a new laser-based system that can image around corners in real time. With further development, the system might let ...

Engineering May 12, 2015

DARPA seeks a "100x zoom lens" for seeing distant space objects more clearly

Imaging of Earth from satellites in space has vastly improved in recent years. But the opposite challenge—using Earth-based systems to find, track and provide detailed characterization of satellites and other objects in ...

Robotics Nov 26, 2013

Atlas teams head for DARPA Robotics Challenge

( —December 20 is a big day for teams competing in the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) Robotics Challenge. The idea is to promote critical improvements in what robots can do to help out in disaster ...

Engineering Apr 07, 2015

Successful demonstration of DARPA's Persistent Close Air Support (PCAS) system

Close air support (CAS)—delivery of airborne munitions to support ground forces—is difficult and dangerous because it requires intricate coordination between combat aircrews and dismounted ground forces (for example, ...

Engineering Aug 25, 2011

DARPA releases video of HTV-2 hypersonic glider flight

An unmanned glider streaks over the Pacific Ocean at 20 times the speed of sound in a video released Thursday by a U.S. defense research agency experimenting with technology that could give the military the ability to strike ...

Other Feb 05, 2014

DARPA open catalog makes agency-sponsored software and publications available to all

DARPA has invested in many programs that sponsor fundamental and applied research in areas of computer science, which have led to new advances in theory as well as practical software. The R&D community has asked about the ...

Space Exploration Jul 27, 2012

DARPA moving ahead with building zombie Frankensatellites

“Alien” meets “Bride of Frankenstein” and “Night of the Living Dead?” Straight from a possible sci-fi/horror movie mashup, the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) wants to harvest ...

Engineering Jun 06, 2014

DARPA Z-Man program demonstrates human climbing like geckos

DARPA's Z-Man program has demonstrated the first known human climbing of a glass wall using climbing devices inspired by geckos. The historic ascent involved a 218-pound climber ascending and descending 25 feet of glass, ...

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