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Astronomy May 07, 2021

Supernovae twins open up new possibilities for precision cosmology

Cosmologists have found a way to double the accuracy of measuring distances to supernova explosions—one of their tried-and-true tools for studying the mysterious dark energy that is making the universe expand faster and ...

Ecology May 06, 2021

US proposes ending rule that weakened wild bird protections

Longstanding protections for wild birds would be restored under a proposal unveiled Thursday to bring back prosecutions of avian deaths by industry that were ended under former President Donald Trump.

Plants & Animals May 05, 2021

Nature at its craziest: Trillions of cicadas about to emerge

Sifting through a shovel load of dirt in a suburban backyard, Michael Raupp and Paula Shrewsbury find their quarry: a cicada nymph.

Ecology May 04, 2021

Suitable spawning habitat awaits salmon

In a multi-stage effort to return migratory salmon to the Upper Columbia River so the fish may rekindle self-sustaining populations, scientists recently concluded that acres of suitable habitat await the salmon, should they ...

Paleontology & Fossils May 03, 2021

Newly identified saber-toothed cat is one of largest in history

A giant saber-toothed cat lived in North America between 5 million and 9 million years ago, weighing up to 900 pounds and hunting prey that likely weighed 1,000 to 2,000 pounds, scientists reported today in a new study.

Plants & Animals May 03, 2021

Pandemic puppies: Canine crisis or happy household?

At first, it was toilet paper and hand sanitizer. People stuck at home with time to bake bought up all the flour. Next came the terrifying shortages of hospital ventilators and ICU beds, and eventually vaccines.

Materials Science Apr 30, 2021

Boron insertion into alkyl ether bonds via zinc/nickel tandem catalysis

The carbon-oxygen (C-O) bond in alkyl ethers can be cleaved using mild methods to simplify chemical syntheses by elaborating robust, readily available precursors. In a new report now on Science, Hairong Lyu and a research ...

Plants & Animals Apr 30, 2021

'No one ever forgets living through a mouse plague': The dystopia facing Australian rural communities

Imagine constantly living with mice. Every time you open a cupboard to get linen, clothes or food, mice have been or are still there. When you go to sleep they run across your bed and, in the morning, your first job is to ...

Plants & Animals Apr 30, 2021

How wombats cube their poo

OK, first things first. Wombats do cubed-shaped poos. Now you know.

Plants & Animals Apr 30, 2021

Why your cat does these 6 things, according to science

Having a cat (or several) can add companionship and warmth to any household. As you share each other's space, however, you may have noticed a few quirks that your cat exhibits, varying from adorable to plainly bizarre.

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