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General Physics Apr 22, 2021

Using exoplanets as dark matter detectors

In the continuing search for dark matter in our universe, scientists believe they have found a unique and powerful detector: exoplanets.

Environment Apr 20, 2021

Clock's running out on climate change. California says it's time for giant carbon vacuums

Solar panels, wind turbines and electric cars will go far in helping California and the Biden administration meet their aggressive climate goals—but not far enough. As time runs short, scientists and government officials ...

Astronomy Apr 12, 2021

Jupiter could make an ideal dark matter detector

So you want to find dark matter, but you don't know where to look. A giant planet might be exactly the kind of particle detector you need! Luckily, our solar system just happens to have a couple of them available, and the ...

Astronomy Apr 07, 2021

Caught speeding: Clocking the fastest-spinning brown dwarfs

Using data from NASA's Spitzer Space Telescope, scientists have identified the three fastest-spinning brown dwarfs ever found. More massive than most planets but not quite heavy enough to ignite like stars, brown dwarfs are ...

Astronomy Mar 04, 2021

New 'eyewear' to deepen the view of NASA's Roman Space Telescope

NASA's Nancy Grace Roman Space Telescope will be able to explore even more cosmic questions, thanks to a new near-infrared filter. The upgrade will allow the observatory to see longer wavelengths of light, opening up exciting ...

General Physics Jan 28, 2021

Harnessing the power of AI to understand warm dense matter

The study of warm dense matter helps us understand what is going on inside giant planets, brown dwarfs, and neutron stars. However, this state of matter, which exhibits properties of both solids and plasmas, does not occur ...

Astronomy Jan 25, 2021

NASA's Roman mission will probe galaxy's core for hot Jupiters, brown dwarfs

When it launches in the mid-2020s, NASA's Nancy Grace Roman Space Telescope will explore an expansive range of infrared astrophysics topics. One eagerly anticipated survey will use a gravitational effect called microlensing ...

Astronomy Jan 14, 2021

Citizen scientists contribute to 3-D map of cosmic neighborhood

Scientists tapped into the worldwide network of volunteers using Backyard Worlds: Planet 9 to map dozens of new brown dwarfs, or balls gas not heavy enough to be stars.

Astronomy Jan 14, 2021

Building a giant 2-D map of the universe to prepare for the largest 3-D map

Before DESI, the Dark Energy Spectroscopic Instrument, can begin its 5-year mission from an Arizona mountaintop to produce the largest 3-D sky map yet, researchers first needed an even bigger 2-D map of the universe.

Astronomy Jan 12, 2021

Astronomers finally measure polarized light from exoplanet

An international team led by Dutch astronomers has, after years of searching and defying the boundaries of a telescope, for the first time directly captured polarized light from an exoplanet. They can deduct from the light ...

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