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Space Exploration Jul 04, 2019

Asteroid Vesta originates from a cosmic 'hit-and-run' collision

The asteroid belt between Mars and Jupiter preserves the processes of planetary formation, frozen in time. Vesta, the second largest asteroid in this belt, provides an outstanding opportunity for scientists to investigate ...

Space Exploration Jun 11, 2019

Study of mesosiderite zircons suggests Vesta was struck by a very large rock

A team of researchers from Australia, Switzerland and Japan has found evidence suggesting that the asteroid Vesta was stuck by a very large rock approximately 4.5 billion years ago. In their paper published in the journal ...

Astronomy May 28, 2019

Stolen comets and free-floating objects

Our solar system may contain alien comets that were stolen from another star flying past 4.5 billion years ago. Far away in a distant cluster of young stars, a similar close encounter might have also sent the inter-stellar ...

Space Exploration Nov 17, 2014

Geologic mapping of asteroid Vesta reveals history of large impacts

A team of 14 scientists led by David Williams of Arizona State University's School of Earth and Space Exploration has completed the first global geologic and tectonic map of the asteroid Vesta. The work reveals that Vesta's ...

Space Exploration Nov 03, 2014

How a giant impact formed asteroid Vesta's 'belt'

When NASA's Dawn spacecraft visited the asteroid Vesta in 2011, it showed that deep grooves that circle the asteroid's equator like a cosmic belt were probably caused by a massive impact on Vesta's south pole. Now, using ...

Space Exploration Nov 07, 2013

Asteroid Vesta's mysterious olivine

( —Just when scientists thought they had a tidy theory for how the giant asteroid Vesta formed, a new paper from NASA's Dawn mission suggests the history is more complicated.

Space Exploration Jul 17, 2011

NASA's Dawn Spacecraft Enters Orbit Around Asteroid Vesta

NASA's Dawn spacecraft on Saturday became the first probe ever to enter orbit around an object in the main asteroid belt between Mars and Jupiter.

Space Exploration Oct 31, 2012

New type of 'space weathering' observed on asteroid Vesta

The surface of the giant asteroid Vesta is weathering in a way that appears to be completely different from any other asteroid yet visited, according to new data recorded by NASA's Dawn spacecraft. This new type of space ...

Space Exploration Jul 19, 2011

Dawn spacecraft returns close-up image of asteroid Vesta

( -- NASA's Dawn spacecraft has returned the first close-up image after beginning its orbit around the giant asteroid Vesta. On Friday, July 15, Dawn became the first probe to enter orbit around an object in the ...

Space Exploration May 03, 2011

Dawn probe reaches milestone approaching asteroid Vesta

( -- NASA's Dawn spacecraft has reached its official approach phase to the asteroid Vesta and will begin using cameras for the first time to aid navigation for an expected July 16 orbital encounter. The large ...

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